Report: NFL and NFL Referees Close to Agreement

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Report: NFL and NFL Referees Close to Agreement
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Update: Peter King of Sports Illustrated just tweeted out "I'm hearing NFLRA negotiator Scott Green has notified officials that a deal is not imminent. Stay tuned, obviously."

The NFL and NFL Referees have apparently made progress in the current lockout. Chris Mortensen of ESPN first reported that the lockout was close to coming to an end. 

It is no secret that the replacement refs have been less than adequate when making calls this season. Perhaps the last straw was the infamous blown call to end the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks game, incorrectly awarding a touchdown to Golden Tate instead of an interception to M.D. Jennings. 

The current quote being leaked to the public is very conspicuous, and doesn't give the 100-percent reassurance that by the end of the day the lockout will be over:

An agreement in principle is at hand, according to one source familiar to talks, although NFL owners have postured with a “no more compromise” stance.

It is unlikely that if a deal were reached tonight that all the officials would be back on the field this Sunday. It also raises the question of whether it's an unfair disadvantage to the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, who are scheduled to play tomorrow night with the replacement refs. 

Either way, it is clear that Roger Goodell, the players and even replacement officials can't last the whole season with the way that the first three weeks have gone. It is promising, however, that the mood of the negotiations has seemed to improve, and a sense of urgency has been reinstated to the situation.

For now, enjoy this Youtube video that sums up the whole debacle: the "Call it Maybe" parody by Seth Haake that was originally heard on KFM 100.3 

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