Scouting Report, Analysis and Predictions for Texas 5-Star QB Tyrone Swoopes

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 26, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

What will 5-star quarterback Tyrone Swoopes bring to the Texas Longhorns football program?

That's the question coaches have to ask themselves when going after elite prospects. How will this player help our program? What are his intangibles? What are his strengths? What sets this player apart from my other options?

In order to figure those questions out, a coach like Mack Brown and his staff had to do a lot of scouting. They had to watch Swoopes play, break down his film and figure out what made him a 5-star quarterback per rankings.

Not only that, but they had to think about the future. What can he become with the proper training and coaching?

Brown obviously answered those questions and felt good about Swoopes, because he made an offer, and now the 5-star signal caller is verbally committed to play football for the Longhorns.

So, what does Swoopes bring to the football program? Here's my scouting report and a prediction on what he can become in the future.


Scouting Report

The first thing you'll notice about Swoopes is his size. Frankly, he's hard to not notice. He stood at a very impressive 6'4'', 230 pounds as a senior in high school, mind you. As big as he is, he does have good speed.

According to 247Sports, he runs a 4.7 40-yard dash. That's not incredible, but you have to realize how Swoopes runs. Often times, running quarterbacks get caught up in trying to juke defenders behind the line of scrimmage before they find the hole, but that's not the way Swoopes runs.

He's a downhill runner as soon as he sees his running lane. Notice in this next picture how his body is already leaning forward, and this is literally a moment after he decided to keep the option and run with the ball. You can also see how long his stride is in just his first few steps.

Combined with his size, this makes him a very dangerous runner. He may not have blazing speed, but he knows how to run effectively.

The other thing Texas fans will like about Swoopes is his arm. He's not a traditional pocket passer, so he's less likely to stand tall in the pocket, plant his foot and throw a dart. Because of his playing style, you'll see him throwing a lot on the run.

The good news is that he's efficient on the run.

His arm is strong enough to make solid throws without needing to plant his foot. In this next picture, he's actually throwing the ball on the run, but check out how he was able to square up his body to the throw. Also take note of the high release point of the ball, and I highlighted the 90-degree bend of his elbow, which is great form for a high school quarterback on the run.

The ability to throw from out of the pocket is what separates the great quarterbacks from the good ones, so it looks like Texas has a lot to be excited about when it comes to Swoopes.



With his size, intangibles, ability to run and his natural ability to throw out of the pocket, there's a very good chance Swoopes can be the next great Texas quarterback.

Remember, Vince Young was 6'5'', 195 pounds when he came out of high school, so Swoopes is actually physically bigger than Young was, and he's just as good a runner. Where Swoopes may be able to separate himself is with his arm out of the pocket.

He has the chance to be an incredible duel-threat quarterback for the Longhorns. Once he gets the starting job, and believe you me, he eventually will, I don't see him giving it up until the NFL comes calling.

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