Green Bay NBC Affiliate Tries out Replacement Weatherman

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Silly Replacement Weatherman, you can't do the weather in Green Bay properly. Oh, the shenanigans!

Some of you out there may have caught wind of something that went down during the Monday Night Football game the NFL likes to run from time to time. 

Okay, everyone heard about the reception that was an interception that was called a touchdown, giving the win to the wrong team. 

The nation rallied around a new enemy: replacement refs. 

No matter where you go in the weeks following the Packers and Seahawks game, you are guaranteed to hear some mention of the slapstick comedy troupe known as the NFL Replacement Refs. 

Nobody despises their existence more than the lovely people in Green Bay, so they decided to poke fun at them with this Replacement Weatherman. 

The station is NBC 26 in Green Bay, and on Tuesday, some bumbling and fumbling weather informer stumbles in front of the camera to deliver the worst weather report ever. 

It's going to be a horrible day in Green Bay, with the lows exceeding anything you would see on Hoth and the highs guaranteeing you literally bake like a roast by high noon. 

By 5 p.m., things should get a lot closer to livable conditions, so fear not. 

If you are planning a trip to Green Bay, don't. That advice is more for replacement refs, actually. 

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