WWE: Why the Miz Should Be Smackdown's Top Heel (Spoilers)

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

When it comes to the World Heavyweight Championship scene, Smackdown is somewhat of a wasteland right now. Sheamus doesn't really have any viable challengers for his title, but the writers could easily transition The Miz from the Intercontinental Championship to the world title mix.

Big Show defeated Randy Orton to become No. 1 contender for Sheamus' strap during this week's Smackdown taping, but I doubt many fans are enthralled with that matchup slated for Hell in a Cell. Pitting Sheamus against Miz would be far more intriguing, however.

Miz hosted the second edition of Miz TV on Smackdown, and his guest was Sheamus. The two of them had very good chemistry on the mic, as Sheamus taunted Miz for his recent loss to Ryback while Miz rebutted by going down his long list of accomplishments.

The segment ultimately turned into a brawl as Miz, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler went at it, but I would certainly love to see more of Sheamus and Miz in the ring together. The only heel options on Smackdown right now are Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett, and The Miz is most definitely a better choice than all of them.

Some fans are always going to hold it against Miz that he initially gained fame on a reality show, but he has worked as hard as anyone to improve in the ring and on the mic and has become a premier superstar within the WWE. Not only is he one of the best promo men in the business, but his wrestling ability is a lot better now than most give him credit for.

Miz has all the accolades as a former WWE Champion, United States Champion, Tag Team Champion and Money in the Bank winner, so he is more than qualified to get back to the main event scene. The only thing that is really stopping him at this point is the Intercontinental Championship.

The IC title's prestige has taken a major hit over the past few years, but I was hopeful Miz would turn things around. That hasn't been the case; however, it isn't his fault. Miz is constantly putting guys over in non-title matches, and that hurts both the Intercontinental Championship and The Miz as a competitor.

There are plenty of guys who need that title more than Miz does, so the sooner he drops it, the better off he'll be. Smackdown has been very average for the past few months due to the stagnant Sheamus vs. Del Rio feud, and although that has finally come to an end, I highly doubt Big Show is going to freshen things up, but The Miz can.

It has actually been well over a year since The Miz has truly been in the hunt for a world title, so having him feud with Sheamus would feel exciting and new. The best part about it would be the promos. Sheamus is decent on the mic, but he needs a great talker to play off of. Neither Del Rio nor Big Show fall into that category, but Miz most definitely does.

Miz's run with the WWE Championship has been criticized by some, but I quite enjoyed his reign. He wasn't booked particularly well and was made to look like a coward far too often, but he defeated John Cena in the main event at WrestleMania, albeit with help from The Rock. With that in mind, Miz has the star power to make Smackdown interesting again.

I'm not sure if the Miz TV segment with Sheamus was a one-off thing or not, but I hope it eventually leads to a feud between them. Fans can only stomach so much of Big Show in the main-event scene, but it has been so long since Miz has been in that position that I bet it would be a welcomed sight.

Miz has been getting a really good crowd reaction lately, and he really always has, so it's time for the WWE to capitalize on that. Rather than continually putting guys who the fans could care less about in the world title scene, go with someone like The Miz who is certain to keep people interested at the very least.

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