WWE: Will AJ Lee's Slap on Paul Heyman Lead to Her Removal as Raw GM?

John CantonContributor IIISeptember 26, 2012

Photo courtesy WWE
Photo courtesy WWE

This past Monday on Raw, after CM Punk said a lot of personal things to Raw general manager AJ Lee, Paul Heyman got down on one knee in the center of the ring and he proposed to her. He suggested that if they got married, they would be a power couple that would run things in WWE.

Her reply to the marriage proposal? A hard slap in the face.

Flash back to the Labor Day Raw on September 3. Vickie Guerrero was in the ring complaining about AJ Lee's work as the GM of Raw. Guerrero's issues stemmed from the August 27 edition of Raw when Lee slapped Guerrero and then tackled her.

On September 3, AJ Lee stood in the ring facing the camera, with Vickie Guerrero beside her, to deliver these words.

I just got off the phone with the WWE Board of Directors. They told me that my actions as of late have been inappropriate and sometimes juvenile. I am not to put my hands on any superstar, manager or anyone else ever again. And they want me to apologize. So I'm just going to say it. I'm sorry.

That led to Vickie taunting AJ some more, and she ended up slapping her repeatedly because she knew that AJ couldn't hit her back.

That brings us back to this week. Part of AJ's speech said she could not put her hands on "any superstar, manager or anyone else ever again." I know that "put her hands on" somebody is subjective, but generally speaking, it means a slap or a punch or something physical. Tapping someone on the shoulder doesn't count.

What's Paul Heyman in WWE? He's not a superstar. You could say he's a manager, but it's not official. He sure is "anyone else," though.

This situation means that one of two things will happen.

1. WWE will absolutely forget about the AJ Lee speech on September 3 when she said she couldn't put her hands on anybody in WWE ever again (assume that means while she is GM).


2. Paul Heyman will bring up her September 3 promo next week on Raw, and it will ultimately lead to her removal as the GM of Raw.

The first scenario is entirely possible because as we've all seen over the years, WWE does forget about their own storylines. They can also they turn them into a joke because they don't feel like writing something that makes sense. Remember Hornswoggle as the anonymous Raw GM?

I hope it's the second scenario because while I like AJ as a character, I don't necessarily like her as the GM of Raw. I think she'd be better suited as a competitor in the divas division because she could be the spark that it needs.

I think if this slap on Heyman was a way to write her out as GM, then that's very smart on the part of the WWE Creative Team. They take a lot of heat, with good reason, but if they had this kind of storyline continuity for this angle, then I applaud them for that.

There are obviously a lot of people that could fill her role as Raw GM with names like Ric Flair, Vickie Guerrero, Mick Foley and Paul Heyman coming to mind.

Did AJ Lee's slap on Paul Heyman mean something? Or was it nothing?

What do you think?

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I want to thank reader TJ Percell for bringing this to my attention via email. It totally slipped my mind while watching Raw and writing about it.