A-Rod Out: Move Derek Jeter to Third (Seriously)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2009

A-Rod, the gift that keeps on giving, is out for 10 weeks.
I'm going to propose something short-term crazy, long term brilliant.
The Captain should (cough) vounteer to go to third.
Unless you think Cody Ransom is the THE ANSWER at third, the Yankees are going to have a scrub in the lineup one way or the other.
The Captain should graciously withdraw from the WBC and offer to play third "for the good of the team" and whatever else the Yankees want to spin, and we'll all willingly buy.  Stick a glove at short.
Play third for 10 weeks. 
Derek you have five weeks to get used to it.  A-Rod did it, Ripken did it.  There's no shame.  Plus it's for the good of the team.
In 10 weeks The Captain can decide that he's really comortable over there and "ask" if he can stay over there if he wants...or go back to SS to help A-Rod with his hip.  At least they'll have prepared the masses for a position flip in 2010.  
Why do I propose this?  Because the Yankees are two years away from either saying goodbye to The Captain with close to 3,000 hits, or risk having an aging shortstop under increasing fire and with diminishing ability.  
Nobody will think less of you Derek, and once again you'll be the hero at A-Rod's expense.  Make the move now while you have the chance.