Time to Let the New York Islanders Die

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2009

Farewell Islanders.
I will be sad to let you go.
Nassau County claims to lose one to two million dollars a year operating the Islanders.  Owner Charles Wang claims to lose $20 million.
That's unfortunate.
Wang told Newsday,  "If we don't build this, shame on us. This is something that has to be done. If we can't, you tell me no. It's OK. I mean, really, we'll go where we're loved."
I hope Wang can find his love somewhere.  The Devils are having their 17th straight winning season, have won three cups in recent history, have the greatest goaltender of all time...and nobody cares.
The Nets are wandering through the desert and will never get to Brooklyn.  They'll wind up in Newark eventually and the same amount of people that care now will care then.
1980 is a long time ago now.
Today the Islanders traded their captain.  I don't know if Wang is familiar with the state of the economy or the tax burdens Long Islanders have been faced with the past few years.  It's kind of hard to ask anyone to support a new building.  

Folks in these parts are still annoyed with the Mets and their friends at the bank, and the Yankees and their tax breaks.
I understand losing $20 million sucks.  I can't blame Wang.
Maybe the Kansas City Islanders will find happiness.   Maybe they'll find the same happiness the KC Scouts did.
Oh you don't know about the Scouts?  They moved to Denver for six years and then moved again and now call themselves the New Jersey Devils, and from KC to Denver to the NYC area nobody cares.