Emmitt Smith Dancing with the Stars: Former RB Good Bet to Win Competition

Tim KeeneyContributor ISeptember 26, 2012

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 04:  Former NFL player Emmitt Smith and wife Pat Smith during the 2011 Super Bowl Gospel Celebration at Music Hall at Fair Park on February 4, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Super Bowl Gospel Celebration 2011)
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

For all you hardcore bettors out there that feel the need to put your money on a reality television show, make sure to let it all ride on Emmitt Smith during this season of Dancing With the Stars

Smith, the Season 3 winner of the popular show, won't have such an easy route to the title this season, which pits all former champions against each other. 

It's like he has to run against a Pro Bowl front seven, only in a game that actually matters.

Nonetheless, the NFL's all-time leading rusher is off to a very encouraging start:

So what, you might say.

He made Carrie Ann blush and scream at a pitch that only dogs can hear. He made Bruno stand up, freak out and say a bunch of stuff that I don't understand: Essence of ohplyfting fans? Huh? But 75 percent of the contestants—especially during this All-Star version—also get those types of reactions from that duo.

The real telling sign came from Len, who normally has a stick up his behind. The middle judge not only gave Emmitt some applauding comments, but he gave him an 8.5, a higher score than both Carrie Ann and Bruno.

Eleven straight 1,000-yard seasons? Whatever, now Smith has really accomplished everything. 

Of course, one week doesn't make a champion, and Smith can't let up. 

But no worry there. The Hall of Famer, as exemplified by his career on the gridiron, is obviously a hard-working athlete in terrific shape with swift dancing feet. He also clearly has a competitive spirit. There's no way he'll stop giving it his all on the dance floor. 

Throw in the fact that he's back with the same partner that won him the title in 2006, has arguably the biggest fanbase of anyone on the show and brings with him a certain important flair, and there's no way Emmitt Smith can lose.

Bet on it, if you're weird like that.