English Premier League: Contender or Pretender?

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalSeptember 26, 2012

There are 20 teams in the Premier League, but how many can mount a realistic challenge to win the title?

Manchester City and Manchester United are obvious places to start—being the defending champions and most successful club in the Premier League era, respectively.

Can a team outside of Manchester triumph? You might argue European champions Chelsea look the best placed, with their raft of new signings and money to burn.

But what of the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham? Do either of North London’s superpowers have a shot at glory?

Is it crazy to consider in-form Everton and Alan Pardew’s Newcastle in the equation?

In this clip, Bleacher Report lead writers Will Tidey and Mike Cummings call "contender" or "pretender" on the Premier League's best.


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