Sin Cara: Will His Team with Rey Mysterio Help Him Master the WWE Style?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012


The team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio is one that WWE was smart to put together as Rey can offer Cara some valuable direction in the U.S.based company.

Having wrestled his whole career in Mexico, Sin Cara was not used to the WWE style when he showed up, which has caused him to be used in a very odd way.

Cara is incredibly talented, but he needs an opponent with a similar skill-set in the ring with him in order for people to see what he really has to offer.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many luchadors.

When they high-flying style comes up against the slower, more methodical WWE style they tend to clash in a way that can cause botches and missed spots.

Rey Mysterio is one of the few people to ever reach the level of success he is at, only to start out as strictly a lucha libre wrestler.

Other than Eddie Guerrero and, to some extent Alberto Del Rio we have never seen a lucha libre world champion in WWE besides Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio was able to adapt to different styles which allowed him to step in the ring with anyone from another luchador to a technician to a seven foot giant.


Sin Cara has the potential to be the next Rey Mysterio, but his in-ring style needs to change in order to mesh with WWE's other talents.

This is where Rey can really help Sin Cara find his footing. When Rey and Cara are teaming up they have a chemistry that seems rare these days.

Rey knows he can't wrestle forever, especially after the number of injuries and surgeries he has had in his career, so to see him step up and help the guy who will likely be taking his spot down the line is great.

WWE needs someone like Sin Cara on their roster to help push the fact that they have something for everyone and Rey is the guy to make him into what WWE needs him to be.

Sin Cara's future in the company could rest on how he does coming out of his alliance with Rey Mysterio so hopefully he pays attention and picks up everything he can from Mysterio.

What do you think?

Will Sin Cara come away from his partnership with Mysterio a better WWE wrestler or will he be back to botching frequently?


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