Arkansas Coach John L. Smith Calls Razorbacks 'Alabama' in Regrettable Blunder

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Come on, Hogs. This is hilarious. 

I understand that there are still unchecked emotions from the Bobby Petrino fallout. We are all perfectly aware that you are sensitive about starting the season 1-3, losing most recently to Rutgers, 35-26. 

But this is some pretty serious comedy.

If you had to pick out something to make yourselves feel better, at the top of the list would be not having your coach refer to Arkansas as the "state of Alabama."

Not anymore. 

John L. Smith was giving a passionate plea to Arkansas Razorbacks fans and accidentally referred to beloved Arkansas as Alabama

Yeah, pretty much the one misstep you want to avoid while coaching in Arkansas. Well, aside anything involving a motorcycle, of course. 

You can hear the obvious gasps and moans when Smith hits the crowd with the Alabama-sized sledgehammer at the 30-second mark.

I'm surprised nobody asked if that was the same Alabama that just beat Arkansas 52-0 a couple weeks back. 

Something tells me poor Smith's subconscious is being ruled by other SEC juggernauts. He must wake each night in a cold sweat with the thought of a Crimson Tide washing over him. 

As for you Arkansas fans, ear muffs at the next press conference. 

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