Snoop Lion & FIFA '13 Launch Party + Gameplay Footage: BR5

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FIFA '13 is upon us, and once again the game doesn't disappoint. Enhanced graphics and great gameplay make this edition a must have for any gamer. BR5 was on hand to take part in the fun for EA's FIFA '13 launch party in Manhattan where it was all about gaming, and of course, a healthy dose of trash talking.

No gaming would be complete without calling out your opponent and talking smack whenever possible, and this year's party had no shortage of some of the most elite when it comes to that game. Snoop Dogg, now going by Snoop Lion, led the charge, with the New York Giants' Victor Cruz and Osi Umenyiora getting their fare share in as well.

But, before the gaming would ensue, the folks at EA revealed the new game cover, which featured The New York Red Bulls' Tim Cahill. Cahill was on hand to show off the new game, as well as talk about his love of gaming and his new team that he's quickly settling into.

Victor Cruz first squared off against teammate Osi Umenyiora in FIFA and quickly dispatched the defensive end, as he moved on to the next round. But, Osi was quick to point out that his career record versus Cruz was 100-1, and that the salsa dancing wide receiver was "not in his league."

When Cruz and Snoop faced each other in the final, you knew that the trash talking was really going to the next level. Snoop mercilessly taunted Cruz before the match, threatening to use Victor's own salsa dancing psychological tactics against him. He tried, but in the end Cruz prevailed in taking the FIFA title.

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