Awful Replacement Ref Gaffe Spawns Hilarious NFL-Sponsored Google Search

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Awful Replacement Ref Gaffe Spawns Hilarious NFL-Sponsored Google Search
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The hits keep coming for the NFL and the horrendous touchdown call made at the end of the Packers and Seahawks game Monday night, and they are hilarious. 

The latest is a faux-Google search you can make, resulting is some comedic results. 

Consider this what life would be like had the NFL sponsored and then replaced Google search with their own engine. 

Here is the link to Replacement Google

I dare you to bookmark that and continue the rest of the day with that as your search engine. Rather, make that the home page for your pals and watch hilarity ensue. 

You can pretty much guess what happens the moment you try and successfully search for a term. "Bleacher Report" comes back with a result of turtles. "NFL" comes back with a result for cat videos. 

Kevin Casey/Getty Images

Each time is different with just one thing being a constant throughout, each search is an utter fail. Much like the time the replacement refs have had on the field, we are working against forward progress here. 

This, at least, is a funny fail that will have us relieved the next time we use the actual Google search. I guess that's what these replacement officials are good for now, making us appreciate the likes of Ed Hochuli and his merry band of referees. 

This isn't the only hilarious meme to come out of the last play of the most controversial Monday Night Football game ever. 

There were a few funny quips to be had throughout a raucous Tuesday. 

Here is a meme posted by Nick Bess

Photo Credit: Nick Bess Goggle Plus

Or this one posted by Nick Alvarez

Photo Credit: Timothy Alvarez Google Plus

Simply, the gaffe we all witnessed was horrendous. But the simple fact is we need to laugh, because a few more months of this will give us ample time to fit in some crying as well. 

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