The Latest Buzz Around Odds, Spreads and Lines for NFL Week 4

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2012

The Latest Buzz Around Odds, Spreads and Lines for NFL Week 4

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    Call it whatever you want: NFL point spreads, odds or lines. What they all have in common is the tantalizing possibility of improving your financial situation.

    But probably not.

    However, it's still fun to dissect the upcoming week's line and see where Vegas decided to make some moves or possibly some overreactions. So let's check out what Week 4 has in store. 

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Overreaction Line of the Week

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    The San Francisco 49ers burned more than one bettor last week. Some idiot even called them the "Lock of the Week." 

    In my defense, I did give you Ben Roethlisberger at +1200 to throw for the most passing yards in Week 3. 

    You're right, who would take that?  

    Anyways, Vegas appears shaken in their former confidence of the Niners. The bookmakers only listed them as a four-point favorite at the New York Jets.

    The same Jets who will be without their best player and had to take the Miami Dolphins to overtime last week.

    San Francisco didn't play well and was beaten by the Vikings, who might be a decent team. Here's betting this line would be approaching nine points had last week gone differently. 

Head-Scratching Line of the Week

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    For some strange reason, the oddsmakers are either high on the Buffalo Bills or low on the New England Patriots.

    The Bills have notched two wins, albeit over two teams with a combined one victory. They also will be without the services of the breakout star of 2012: C.J. Spiller.

    The Patriots have lost two games to two teams with a combined one loss. 

    None of the above should add up to the Patriots only giving four points in Buffalo. You might want to invest early before the line is adjusted to its rightful rate, somewhere around a touchdown.

Stay-Away Game of the Week

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    These two teams are as confusing as they come.

    The Cincinnati Bengals are now a dynamic passing team that currently ranks fourth in the league. They  have plenty of receiving talent to lead the evolution, but they made the playoffs on the back of their defense and running game last year.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars don't seem to do anything particularly well besides rushing the ball. Their defense has taken a step back and rumors of Blaine Gabbert's ascension were greatly exaggerated. 

    I don't trust either of them at this point. Are they going to act like kids who find a new hobby every week, or are they going to be like figure skaters who stay the course despite the ridiculous schedule? 

    Regardless, the Bengals are laying three in Jacksonville. Good luck with that.

Most Intriguing Money Line of the Week

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    Monday Night Football has secured a jekyll-and-hyde matchup.

    The Chicago Bears have been dominant on the defensive side of the ball in every game and just as erratic on the offensive end.

    The Dallas Cowboys have done what they do every season, look unsteady despite a ridiculous accumulation of talent. And, as usual, it has to do with the offensive line.

    The oddsmakers have favored the Cowboys by four, which means they only think that Dallas is a point better on a neutral field. Thus, grabbing the Bears at +170 has a nice appeal to it.

The Full Slate of NFL Point Spreads and Over/Unders

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    Thursday Night:

    Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens (-13); O/U 43.5


    Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions (-5); O/U None at this time

    New England Patriots (-4) vs. Buffalo Bills; O/U 52

    Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons (-7); O/U 48.5

    San Francisco 49ers (-4) vs. New York Jets; O/U 40

    San Diego Chargers (-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs; O/U 45

    Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans (-12); O/U 45

    Seattle Seahawks (-3) vs. St. Louis Rams; O/U 38.5

    Miami Dolphins vs. Arizona Cardinals (-6); O/U 39.5

    Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos (-6.5); O/U 48

    Cincinnati Bengals (-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars; O/U 43

    New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers (-7.5); O/U 54

    Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3); O/U 47.5

    New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-2); O/U 46

    Monday Night:

    Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys (-4); O/U 41.5