NFL Replacement Referee Fail Gets NOC Parody Treatment

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There are those few moments in sports history that are nationally significant, giving way to a wave of memes, social media uproar and viral videos. Monday night's Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks certainly qualifies. 

The parody-video factory NOC released (h/t NBC Sports) their answer to the Golden Tate touchdown reception seen around the world. 

And it's hilarious. 

Using Flo Rida's hit song "whistle," Jesse Adelman writes and performs the answer to the question burning inside of every football fan Tuesday. 

How did these guys get the replacement gig?

It seems that all you really need is a whistle, from there the need to blow it is what makes one man who is not a referee into one that is a replacement one. 

If you wanted to invite an actual zebra to officiate this weekend, we have to think they wouldn't do much worse than the atrocity in the Seattle end zone we were all privy to. 

As the song states, these guys don't know the rules but they certainly know how to dress. As the ref lockout continues, it seems that having the right clothing will remain the only criteria to being paid to call and NFL game. 

Needing some extra cash, I may go get a ref costume from a Halloween store and find myself a professional game to ruin. 

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