USC Football Recruiting: Ranking Top 10 Commitments for Trojans

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2012

USC Football Recruiting: Ranking Top 10 Commitments for Trojans

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    As it sits right now, I have USC ranked No. 1 in my recruiting class rankings, and so do many others. Faced with scholarship restrictions yet again, the Trojans have done an excellent job of evaluating talent, filling their needs and luring elite recruits to Troy.

    With such a star studded and talented class, it's tough to formulate a top 10 ranking of USC's commitments. But yours truly executed the daunting task, and this piece will be just about that. Credit Lane Kiffin and his staff for being tireless recruiters and assembling a great group of prospects.

    The Trojans are known for signing elite recruiting classes year in and year out. This 2013 class is no different, and here are the top 10 commitments for USC in 2013 recruiting.  

10. Chris Hawkins, CB

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    Hawkins is from Southern California and stands 6'0" at 170 pounds. He has excellent length to his frame, especially in his arms. Hawkins loves to press and be physical at the line to re-route receivers and throw off a passing game's timing.

    He's very athletic and has good speed to carry his man deep. Hawkins can anticipate routes well with good instincts and flashes the needed ball skills to make interceptions.

9. Steven Mitchell, WR

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    Mitchell is a big play threat every time he touches the football. At 5'10", 176 pounds he has outstanding quickness and agility.

    He projects best as a slot receiver, where he works short routes, catches the football and lets his terrific RAC skills take over. Mitchell has running back instincts and vision with the ball in the open field. 

    He can dart past defenders, put on moves to elude would-be tacklers and skate to pay dirt. Look for him to be a great weapon on offense at USC. 

8. Jalen Ramsey, CB

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    From Tennessee, Ramsey is a 6'0" cornerback who weighs 190 pounds. He is an incredible athlete who has the length to become a great press corner on the perimeter.

    Ramsey excels in off-man coverage where he shows a smooth backpedal and great transition quickness. He closes sharply on the ball and has the ability to jump passing lanes for interceptions.

    With the potential to play various coverage techniques and possessing great athletic ability, Ramsey has a bright future at USC. 

7. Michael Hutchings, OLB

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    Hutchings is a 6'1" outside linebacker prospect who weighs between 210-215 pounds. He is a pretty good athlete and plays with good smarts and instincts.

    From Northern California, Hutchings has great quickness on the flanks and can beat blockers with quickness to make tackles. He has great range and lateral quickness to scrape and fill run alleys while also being solid in coverage.

    Hutchings fits the Dion Bailey/Sam LB role at USC very well. 

6. Max Redfield, S

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    Some list Redfield as an ATH because the 6'2", 190 pound baller is so athletic that he could play receiver in college. He has excellent play speed, length and leaping ability.

    Redfield's projected position at USC likely will be as a free safety. He is best when allowed to roam around and play a center fielder type of role on the back end.

    Redfield comes quickly out of his backpedal, fires to a passing lane with speed and has receiver-like ball skills to make interceptions.

5. Eddie Vanderdoes, DT

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    Another prospect from Northern California, Vanderdoes is among the very strongest players in the country. At 6'4", 305 poundS Vanderdoes will make a great defensive tackle at USC.

    With above average snap quickness, Vanderdoes is a load in the trenches. He can attack a blocker with strength or anchor down as a read and react type of player.

    Vanderdoes can push the pocket as a pass rusher and has a solid fight to pressure the passer. He should flourish under Ed Orgeron.

4. Ty Isaac, RB

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    Out of Illinois, Isaac is one of the top offensive playmakers in America. He is 6'3", 220 pounds and can do an array of things on the field. 

    Isaac can play as a traditional running back, attack holes with speed and quickness, and make defenders miss in the open field. He runs with great instincts and sees the field well.

    Isaac also has very good ball skills, and he can line up at receiver. With his versatility, size and speed, Lane Kiffin should have fun deploying Isaac all over the field. 

3. Kenny Bigelow, DT

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    Bigelow is an athletic defensive tackle who is from Delaware and plays in Maryland. At 6'3", 297 pounds Bigelow is very quick off the ball and can surge into a blocker.

    Strong at the point of attack, Bigelow loves contact and uses a combination of quickness and power to shed blocks. Once he's free, he has the athleticism and short area pursuit ability to chase down ball carriers along the line.

    He's also a solid pass rusher who possesses a great hand quickness to counter-punch blockers and a burst to finish on the passer. 

2. Su'a Cravens, DB

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    It's hard to conduct a solid scouting report on Cravens because he plays so many different positions. At 6'1", 105 pounds Cravens has spent time at RB, WR, OLB, S and CB.

    It seems USC will start him off as a safety, but don't be shocked if he moves down to outside linebacker before he leaves. Cravens is an outstanding athlete and a productive football player.

    He plays with great instincts, speed and agility wherever he lines up. I can see him becoming an All-Pac-12 defender one day and he has star potential.

1. Max Browne, QB

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    While Bigelow, Cravens and Isaac all could have been the top commitment for USC, I'm sticking with Browne. At 6'5", 215 pounds, he's become the leader of this recruiting class and is regarded by many as the nation's best QB prospect.

    Browne has a very quick release and delivers the football in a flash. His arm strength is solid, and he really excels in the passing area of ball placement. Thanks to his accuracy, Browne can pitch the football to spots where only his receiver can catch it.

    He is exceptional in the mental part of the game and reads defenses very well. Browne can decipher coverages on the back end or figure out front seven alignments to audible to running plays. He won't outrun anybody, but he can win games with his mind and right arm.


    Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects & writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.