Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders Get Sultry Swag with Unveiled Uniforms

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2012

Photo Credit: New York Post
Photo Credit: New York Post

The Brooklyn Nets are showing off their cheerleaders. 

The franchise has new digs in Brooklyn and are now revealing the wardrobe their cheerleaders will be wearing for the inaugural season in a new town. 

If you are looking for anything run-of-the-mill or simple, you have to look to another team. Yes, the color theme for this team may be black and white, but there is high-fashion sensibility down to what the Brooklynettes will be wearing. 

Here is what to expect next season from the sidelines and during the commercial breaks. 

The New York Post reports on the thought and sartorial sensibility that went into creating the outfits for the best-dancing ladies in Barclays Center. 

They were designed by 45-year-old fashion designer David Dalrymple, who had this to say about his newest creation: "The uniforms are feminine and strong. This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard."

Hear that, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Boston? Take down your ill-fated palm trees and silly sunshine, because this borough goes hard. 

Initial opinions on the uniforms are mixed. 

There is this tweet with an accompanying picture that labels the uniform attempt as something we may have seen En Vogue or SWV wear back in the day.

Who desiged this, Rocawear? RT @hiphopupdate Nets cheerleader uniforms are ugly as hell. Lookin like a d-list pop group

— Dwight (@KeepDwightGirl) September 25, 2012


Or this tweet, that may not be far off from reality.

BK Nets cheerleaders look like they are playing Spy vs. Spy

— Rich MaZe Lopez (@MaZe1eR) September 25, 2012

Feel free to say what you like about the uniforms, because you aren't going to hurt the feelings of an organization that goes as hard as they do. 

"They have a jumpsuit, a neoprene scuba blazer with sequin leggings, a little cropped warm-up jacket, and painted sequin leggings," Dalrymple explained. 

Sounds like the laundry list of a very invigorated rave aficionado. 

I don't mind them too much and rather like where things are headed. The Nets are trying their best to stand out from other franchises in every way possible, and this is certainly a step in that direction. 

If there is anything to whine about, it still has to be the rusty Cor-Ten they doused the outside with. After that, these uniforms look positively inspired. 


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