WWE: Is R-Truth Being Wasted in His Current Role?

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The case of R-Truth is a curious one.

He has been a mid-carder or tag-team competitor for most of his WWE tenure, with the exception of a brief run as a heel last year. Based on how well he performed during that time, I can't help but think that he is being misused.

Truth has been teaming with Kofi Kingston for the past several months. The duo lost the Tag Team Championships at WWE's Night of Champions, so Truth is somewhat in limbo right now. They could continue to pair but they've seemingly peaked.

R-Truth has gone as far as he can playing a face.

I'm not one of those guys who goes around saying that each and every face should turn heel. But when a guy is clearly more effective as one rather than the other the change should be made.

I've despised R-Truth for the vast majority of his WWE career, but he was incredibly entertaining when he played the role of an unstable heel. His psychotic character was a ramped-up version of what Kane and Daniel Bryan are currently doing, and I thought he had a chance to become a main-event guy.

Things slowed down when he teamed with The Miz. They began to really unravel when Truth was suspended 30 days for violating the WWE's wellness policy. Truth was written off after a Miz attack and he returned as a face, essentially a much less entertaining version of his previous character.

He kept the Lil' Jimmy gimmick, but it was much more childish than before. It has gotten ridiculous as he now acknowledges Li' Jimmy throughout his matches and everywhere he goes. It has basically taken over his persona now.

Now would be a great time for the WWE to have the R-Truth of last year.

There is a lack of good upper mid-card heels and even main-event heels to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. For whatever reason, the writers seem to like the current version of Truth.

Based on the way his character is right now, Truth can be nothing more than a tag-team guy or perhaps a mid-card singles competitor. I'm sure the younger kids enjoy his act, but anyone older than 10 probably considers it lame and simply doesn't take Truth seriously as a potential contender.

Truth is 40 years old and probably doesn't have much time left to take the next step.

Once in a great while there is a late bloomer who reaches the pinnacle of the sport at an older age such as Mark Henry, but normally if a guy hasn't done it by the age of 40, it isn't going to happen.

Truth's incredibly rare window of opportunity opened and closed for him very quickly last year. There's still a chance he could regain his momentum if the writers allow him to revert back to what worked, but guys usually aren't awarded a second chance.

In one respect, I blame the creative team for ending his heel run so quickly and unceremoniously. I understand they were put in a tough spot when Truth got suspended, but he could have easily returned as a heel rather than going after Miz. Since he didn't, I feel like he was being punished.

Truth has to shoulder some of the blame as well. When you're finally given the push of a lifetime you have to do everything possible to ensure that it continues. Truth made an idiotic mistake that cost him. He hasn't regained his traction since and it's quite possible he never will.

There's really no use in pointing fingers right now as the only thing that should matter is utilizing every superstar to the best of his abilities. That isn't the case with Truth right now, but the fix should be an easy one.

Kofi is a popular mid-card face that Truth ought to turn on and begin a feud with. If Truth goes over then he can possibly resume his heel push as if nothing ever happened. The WWE fails to take the obvious and intelligent route at times, so we may be stuck with this stale R-Truth for the long haul.


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