WWE News: Beth Phoenix Denies She Attacked Kaitlyn, Challenges Eve

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 25, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Amidst rampant speculation about her future in WWE, former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix has taken to Twitter to deny she attacked Kaitlyn backstage at Night of Champions.

On last night's Raw, Phoenix—in a rare TV appearance—teamed with Divas Champion Eve to take on the team of Layla and Alicia Fox. After the match, which Eve and her partner won, an injured Kaitlyn hobbled out to confront the team and noted that while she couldn't specifically name her assailant, she did recognize that it was a woman with blond hair. Cue everyone, including Eve, looking at the bleached blond and shocked-looking Phoenix suspiciously.

Denying the charge, Phoenix wrote:

  Thanks for making Beth Phoenix trend tonight ....feeling so betrayed by the Divas lockerroom...

She later posted a challenge to Eve:

I may not have always played nice, but I look my challenges in the face. isnt a champ I respect. She is a liar.

Regardless of whether Beth is or is not responsible for the kayfabe assault (she is notably not the only blond Diva on the roster, and it wouldn't be too surprising for the company to perform a swerve and have the assailant be revealed to be Kelly Kelly or Natalya), this angle looks to be leading to her exit from the company. As most will know, per recent reports, Phoenix is finishing up with WWE soon.