Texas Quarterback David Ash: Has Ash Proven Himself as the Answer?

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2012

David Ash
David AshScott Halleran/Getty Images


That's what Texas did to Mississippi in Oxford. The shock and awe of the Longhorns' offense was apparent both on the ground and in the air; Ole Miss hadn't allowed that many points since 1917.

The burnt orange party has begun, albeit a tad early, and it appears one question mark has been replaced by an exclamation point. 

A quarterback controversy swirled before the season had started when head coach Mack Brown indicated that he would favor a two-quarterback system with David Ash and Case McCoy. That controversy appears to have ended.

Is Ash the one?

Traveling to a hostile venue is a great test for a young quarterback. Traveling to Oxford, Mississippi, in front of over 65,000 screaming fans and not losing your cool is acing that test. Ash went 19-of-23 for 326 yards and four touchdowns. At one point, Ash completed 15 consecutive passes. And threw no interceptions.

It was his ninth career start. 

Controversy over. 

The 6-3, 225 pound sophomore has now thrown for 703 yards, seven touchdowns and zero interceptions while displaying pin-point accuracy in putting up a 76.4 completion percentage. His 191.5 passer rating is among the best in the country. Not bad for a kid who wasn't even the designated starter in early August.

Remember all those concerns over his accuracy? All the erratic performances last year? The four touchdowns and eight interceptions? The 56.9 completion percentage?


Those doubts have now been ceremoniously ignited and extinguished. A pile of ash in the fireplace—no pun intended. 

Last week Ash was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week and the Davey O'Brien Quarterback of the Week. 

Ash still has some unchecked items on his to-do list. Like hit a receiver who isn't standing still. And avenge that 55-17 loss to Oklahoma. 

Add Oklahoma State as well. And Kansas State. And Baylor. 

Hit that quadfecta and we'll see you in New York City. Bring a coat, Mr. Ash.

It's cold in December.