Alex Rodriguez's Cyst Gives New York Yankees 10 Week Break

beezo philipsContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Alex Rodriguez, all roid, em, world third basemen of the New York Yankees is out for at least 10 weeks, possibly longer.  Doctors have determined that the cyst located on his right hip needs to be removed via surgery.  Now, let me first say that I wish Alex the best, and hope that he makes a complete recovery.

That being said, his employer, The New York Yankees, get a much needed breather.  Ever since Alex became a Yankee in 2004, the Yankee way has been re-written.  Once a team whose sole purpose was to win championships, became a team whose sole purpose is to keep Alex happy. 

Let's face it, Alex is what he is, a Pri-Madonna, or post-Madonna since that conquest of his.  He is the wrong guy for the wrong team.  His steroid fueled numbers, nothing short of amazing!  His feel for team concept...horrifying!

His personality and shenanigans (yes i said shenanigans) have paralyzed the Yankee team concept for a while now.  Yes, let's sing together, "Where have you gone, Scott Brosius?"  Remember him, our 1998 World Series MVP third basemen who hit eight or nine all year?  He hit when it count, Alex hits when it helps nobody but Alex. 

Yankee fans, I hope you all realized that when for some god forsaken reason the Yankees re-upped with Alex for another 10 years after he opted out of his contract, that they were doomed to a minimum of 15 more years before they can compete for a title again.  He is that destructive to the team concept.

In closing, the Yankees have no chance of winning the world series while Alex Rodriguez is associated with their team.  Give it another five years after that minimum to build it up again.  We are looking at about 2023 as our next World Series shot.  At least we get 10 Alex free weeks! 

Go, Go New York Yankees!

The Beez