Thrillist Presents: Restaurant-Grade BBQ Kits

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Thrillist Presents: Restaurant-Grade BBQ Kits

Paul Wall and the Texas Brush -- both from the Lone Star state, both all about clean grills, and both extremely abrasive. For $46, grab the more useful of the those two things, and thoroughly destroy cooked-on grill grime with the restaurant-grade Texas Brush’s 1.5" carbon-steel bristles crowding both sides of its fearsome angled head.

To help soil things so you can try out your new toy, you'll also get a bag of specialty grill-fuel -- either hardwood charcoal, mesquite charcoal or wood chunks -- from B&B (yet another Texas company with over 50yrs experience cooking stuff over fire). This package normally goes for $69 with shipping (which you get as well). Now if only your new 2ft-long soot-slayer could scrub away all memory of that other bristly headed Texas export…

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