Wade Barrett: 5 Possible Entrance Songs for the WWE Superstar

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2012

Wade Barrett: 5 Possible Entrance Songs for the WWE Superstar

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    The WWE, no matter how hard they try, cannot get the entrance song for Wade Barrett right. In his return from injury, he has received a new song, but it is just another in a line of crummy songs for the British star.

    His best theme thus far came while he was in The Nexus, which was "We are One" by 12 Stones. Since then, he has walked out to "End of Days" while in the Corre, which was a God-awful song. Then, he came out to "Just Don't Care Anymore," which sounded like he was a burnout surfer.

    Now, after the latest song he has been given, I feel the hunt for a new song already needs to be considered. Here are five from popular music that could fit him and his gimmick, as well as be listenable. 

"A Warriors Call" by Volbeat

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    If you cut out the intro of this song a little bit, this could be a very good song for Wade Barrett. Barrett, being in his bare-knuckle boxing gimmick, could use this song to great effect.

    Many fighters consider themselves warriors. This song is not only very good, but very fitting for the "Barrett Barrage."

"Waking the Demon" by Bullet for My Valentine

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    Okay, so this song may be a little hard for the PG-era crowd, but hear me out here.

    "Bullet for My Valentine," like Wade Barrett, is from the UK. This song kind of reminds me of some of the things said in Wade Barrett's return vignettes, where he needed to go relight the fire and go back to his roots.

    The combination of meaning, UK origin and good music make this a solid option.

"Broken Bones" by Nonpoint

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    Some of the lyrics that grace this song remind me of a Wade Barrett character. At points, leaving behind those who held you back is mentioned, which can be pointed to things like the Corre for Barrett.

    Being a bare-knuckle boxer will undoubtedly give you broken bones. 

    All of these lyrical similarities aside, this song could fit Barrett well. It is simple, effective and fitting for the British powerhouse.

"Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin

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    "Blow Me Away," if you got rid of some of the introduction of the song, could be a very good entrance theme for anyone in the WWE. This is especially true for Barrett.

    Although the song is about war, all songs don't need to be interpreted. It is a solid song that exudes the intense nature that Barrett has in his new gimmick.

"Black Tongue" by Mastodon

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    Again, if the intro of this song is shortened, it could be a very good WWE entrance theme. 

    I have imagined Barrett coming out to this song, and I think it fits him pretty well. Again, going back to his return vignettes, I think that some of the things he mentioned in those videos tie in with some of the lyrics in the song.

    What do you think of my choices? Obviously there are many options, so let me know what choices you liked and what options you would add to this list in the comment section.