Roger Goodell Has Abandoned Us

Josh Zerkle@JoshZerkleChief Writer IIISeptember 25, 2012

Roger Goodell has failed the NFL. And as fans, he has failed all of us.

The Seattle Seahawks "upset" the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football, 14-12, after a bizarre Hail Mary as time expired in Seattle, and the ruling that ensued has upset thousands, if not millions of NFL fans.

When Russell Wilson's pass was snagged by Packers safety M.D. Jennings (and then grabbed an instant later by Seattle receiver Golden Tate), anarchy ensued as two replacement officials approached the pile of bodies in the corner of the end zone.

One official began to signal touchback, which would have meant the end of the game. But another official, standing immediately to his right, signaled touchdown.

Replay clearly showed Jennings establishing possession before Tate reached in for the ball. At no point did Tate have the ball pulled into his body as Jennings did. It seemed clear that the call on the field—touchdown—would be overturned.

It wasn't.

We've seen blown calls, botched handling of game mechanics and obscene liberties taken with player safety during the tenure of the replacement officials. Meanwhile, the NFL office has maintained that these guys have done a "credible" job—an incredible assertion.

Roger Goodell and the owners have shown that their bottom line trumps whatever care they have for this great game.

Surely Goodell, the man who has championed player safety, better relationships between teams and fans and high standards for personal conduct, wouldn't let this go on. But he has, and if Monday night's debacle won't bring the league to a more rational stand with its legitimate officials, what will?

Check out my thoughts on the Monday night mess in my first video essay above. All of us here at Bleacher Report hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear your comments below, whether they be about the game or the current state of the NFL.

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