Breaking Down New Buffalo Bills Throwback Uniforms

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2012

Courtesy: Bills on Twitter
Courtesy: Bills on Twitter

It's hard to find a sports fan who doesn't like throwback jerseys, which means Buffalo Bills fans should be pleased when they see their team's new vintage look, based on the style from the team's 1965 championship team.

The jerseys are a glimpse at a simpler era when every team wasn't working to come up with the most outrageous designs possible to stand out from the crowd, when uniforms actually became synonymous with a specific team. That's rarely the case now.

Let's grade the latest Bills creation after it was unveiled on the team's official site. Buffalo will wear the jersey on Dec. 9 against the St. Louis Rams.


Wow Factor: 5 of 10

As mentioned above, the trend in recent years has been teams trying to stand out. At both the college and pro levels, teams are trying crazy color combinations and unique designs in an attempt to make their jersey the one that gets talked about.

The new Bills uniform doesn't have that. It's a very basic look with almost no aspects that immediately jump off the page and make you say wow. Instead of going with the new-age approach, they went plain old school.

In many ways, it's a perfect representation of the Bills. Even though they are 2-1 after three weeks, the amount of attention is minimal. The jersey will likely get the same lackluster reception outside of Western New York.


Design: 9 of 10

Although the jersey doesn't have the wow factor, it's still a terrific addition to the Bills' jersey rotation. It's an ode to the team's last championship, which happened more than four decades ago, but with a modern, fresh look to it.

The best thing is how everything fits together. There are no random stripes or meaningless additions. It features the team colors, smooth numbering, easy-to-read lettering and nothing more. That's exactly how a jersey like this should get treated.

It's a perfect example of how keeping the design simple can often be just as effective as something new when it's handled correctly. The Bills are a workmanlike organization without many frills and the jersey fits that mold.


Overall Grade: 8 of 10

Since the design is so fundamental, it's impossible to give the jersey a perfect score, but it pretty much gets maximum value for what it was trying to accomplish. The Bills wanted a sleek throwback jersey and executed it well.

The team-site report states that the Bills will wear the old standing buffalo helmet with the uniform, which should be a perfect match. It all adds up to a classic look that should make fans young and old happy about the outcome.

All told, it's not a gigantic leap from the normal uniforms. There are a couple differences that make it unique and earn the jersey a passing grade.