Greg Lewis Leaving Philadelphia Eagles For New England

Jeff DanzigerCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles traded WR Greg Lewis today to the New England Patriots for "undisclosed compensation." Greg Lewis has been playing toward the bottom of the WR depth chart, seeing very little playing time last season.

The "undisclosed compensation" is most likely a mid- to late-round draft pick. The trade just continues another confusing offseason for the Eagles. If the trade was for a 2009 pick, Philly now has at least 12 picks in this year’s draft.

Greg Lewis has been with the Eagles since 2003, when he was signed as an undrafted free agent. In his time in Philadelphia, Lewis was a situational WR, seeing a few downs per game. Lewis, who never saw time in the No. 1 or 2 spots, never broke 600 yards.

His best year was 2005, when he caught 48 passes for 561 yards. Lewis was never anything special in Philadelphia and probably won't be missed too much.

The front office has been strangely stocking up on mid-round draft picks, hoping to increase the odds of finding a "sleeper" in April.

The trade helps the possibility of Reggie Brown returning to the Eagles next year, even if it be in the fourth WR spot.

It also raises speculation that the Eagles may be clearing up for another WR. The Eagles, who have a lot already (DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown, Jason Avant, and Hank Baskett), may have traded Lewis in order to make room for a big-name WR that the fans have been begging for.

With Torry Holt soon to hit the markets, the trading of Lewis will help feed the fire of rumors throughout Eagles Nation. Rumors have been stating that Braylon Edwards could also be on the market, another big-name that Eagle fans would love to see in midnight green.

I'll post updates on the deal when more terms of the trade are released.