Philadelphia Flyers: Balanced And Ready To Win Lord Stanley's Cup

Doug DonofrioCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

What is balance? I believe it has something to do with apportioned ingredients, such as you find while making a cake or keeping a seesaw level.

I have researched every team in the National Hockey League and I came to one conclusion: the 62-34 Philadelphia Flyers are the most balanced team.

What do I mean when I say balanced? We have heard often enough of balanced scoring; in Philly this is six players with 18 or more goals defines the term. We have heard of team speed coupled with the appropriate size, which for the Flyers is nine starting forwards of twelve rated above a 7.50 in speed, skating, and mobility.

More importantly, three of them are rated above a 9.00. Eight of their twelve forwards collectively also weigh in heavier than the 200 lb. mark, which defines the so-called size component in the league. I call this balance.

Additionally, all six defensemen have very good speed, agility, mobility, puck handling, shooting, and passing skills. All of this is balanced with five of the six weighing in at more than 200 lbs.

I have looked into every roster and I have not found this balance in any other team. I have seen teams that are bigger, faster, even more skilled, but not the collective balance the Flyers are projecting. Each of their four lines evokes a playmaker, a scorer, and a high-energy, edge player who complements the rest.

The Flyers are one of the fastest teams in the league and also one of the toughest. Their roster is apportioned with tangible players; scorers, creators, and finesse guys are present, and they all possess the intangibles: Grit, toughness, leadership, and the ability to play with an edge.

I will not be surprised if the team holding the Chalice in June is the team that is most balanced, and that is Philadelphia.