NBA MVPs: Ever Wonder?

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Let's think.

Have you ever wondered if Kobe, LeBron, or Dwayne Wade weren't in the NBA right now who would be the players fighting for MVP?

If Kobe had never been born, if LeBron wasn't such a monster in high school, if Dwayne Wade was never good enough to be the Sportsman of the Year in '06, who would be the players that would be giving their all to win the award?

Would it Dwight Howard? Because 14 boards and almost three blocks a game is pretty good, right?

Chris Paul? Because 21 points, 11 assists is on fire.

How about Kevin Durant? With 26 points he is the fourth leading scorer in the NBA, even with his team out of the playoff picture.

Sometimes it's unfair to these players who put in work, and only make the NBA All-Pro team and the All-Star game. Wouldn't it be nice to know who else is capable of winning MVP? Ever wonder?