Jay Cutler...He's Going Nowhere!!!

paul robertsContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Expect to see Jay Cutler wearing the Orange and Blue for years to come, he’s going nowhere!!!

Here’s the theory that many believe, it started when New England franchised Matt Cassel, they had no intentions of keeping him and Brady both on the payroll and it was for trade purposes only. Everyone knows how Bill Belichick operates...right?

Tampa contacted New England looking to see what it would take to get Cassel, they were told that a deal for Cassel has been made already, end of story.

After that phone call is when the light went off in Belichick’s head, he thought to himself...I will leak to the press that Josh wanted to trade Cutler to Tampa for their first-round pick, and in return New England will send Cassel’s to Denver.

This never happened, it was all made up by Belichick, consider it his revenge for Josh leaving and taking half the Patriots with him along with every play book Belichick ever made.

Who would pay Cassel’s $14+million for a year? No one, this is why Vrabel was packaged along with Cassel’s, that is also the only reason they received a second-round pick, because he is not worth a first-round pick, no one would have given him a first rounder.

Think about this: If Belichick had an opportunity to get the Chiefs' No. 1, do you really think he would say...ummmmmm...NO? He would have been on the first rounder like a fat kid on a Twinkie!!!

Same as he would have been if McDaniel's offered him Tampa’s No. 1.

Denver Fans, stop worrying, Jay is going no where!!!!!!!