Breaking Down Oregon's Newest Commits, 4-Star Twins Tyree and Tyrell Robinson

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 25, 2012


The Oregon Ducks athletic program as a whole is going to benefit from the twin commitments of Tyree and Tyrell Robinson, but it's the football program that's getting two 4-star studs.

Tyree is a 4-star wideout, according to ESPN Recruiting Nation, while they have Tyrell ranked as a 4-star athlete. Both players will be playing football and basketball for Oregon, according to Brandon P. Oliver of ESPN:

The senior athletes made the call that they will attend Oregon for football and basketball before leaving campus after official visits over the weekend.

"It's official. We're going to be Ducks," said Tyrell Robinson, who likely will be an outside linebacker or safety for Oregon. His brother likely will be a wide receiver.

While this is certainly a big recruiting win for both programs, let's concentrate on what exactly the Robinson twins will be bringing to Chip Kelly and the football team:


Tyree Robinson

At 6'3'', 190 pounds he's got pretty good size for a wide receiver coming out of high school. He's a very fluid athlete, meaning his movement is extremely natural. He also possesses long strides as a runner which helps him create separation from defenders.

As much as a receiving threat that he is, he's probably the most dangerous once he gets the ball. He's a possession receiver with the athleticism and agility to make defenders miss after the catch and pick up valuable extra yards.

You can really see that clearly in this next set of pictures. In the picture below Robinson is being targeted in the flats on a hitch route, with soft coverage from the corner behind him.

He gets the ball and squares himself to the defender, which forces the corner to be flat footed and hesitant because he can break either way.

Finally, he chooses a side, uses a powerful stiff-arm to hinder the tackle, and picks up some valuable extra yards.

This is the type of play-extending ability Tyree Robinson will be bringing to Oregon's offense.


Tyrell Robinson

In Tyrell, Oregon is getting a player that's a little bit bigger at 6'3'', 210 pounds, but still possesses the same athleticism and playmaking abilities as his brother. He's skilled enough to also play receiver, but let's focus on him as a defender.

The big thing you'll notice with him is his speed and explosiveness as a defender. He's fast as a wide receiver, but as aggressive as a top-notch linebacker, so that makes him very effective as a pass rusher. He gets to the edge quickly, dips his shoulder and lets his speed take it the rest of the way for him as a pass rusher.

It's also worth noting that because of his ability to play wide receiver, he should have no problem in coverage as a linebacker or safety.

One thing I really want to focus on with Tyrell tough is his speed in pursuit. This is a crucial and heavily underrated part of the linebacker or safety position, but Tyrell is great at it.

In this next picture you'll see the full display of his athleticism, as he's actually lined up in a five-technique or defensive end position with his hand on the ground in a three-point stance.

He's then able to shoot the gap and use his speed to avoid the down block, and then he sets himself up for a good pursuit angle to the ball carrier, who is still in the backfield.

Most defenders wouldn't have the speed to get to the ball while it's still in the backfield, but Robinson possesses elite football speed that allows him to catch up to the runner and tackle him for a loss, all the way on the other hash.

This is the type of defensive ability Tyrell Robinson will bring to the Ducks, which is perfect for their system.



The Ducks football team is getting two players that fit what they want to do perfectly on both sides of the ball. Both are athletic, both are fast and both play the game of football at an extremely high level.

I expect the Robinson brothers will be major contributors for the Oregon Ducks.

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