Baseball Will Survive without A-Roid

Jay in BMoreContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Looks like A-Roid is going to miss six weeks of the regular season after surgery on that cyst and is the first wheel to fall off the aging Yankee cart. I wonder if there's any relation between his amateur injectionist (doing my best W imitation here) and the cyst in his "hip."

For some reason, the official reports from Yankee management don't carry infallible credibility on the issue for me. How 'bout that—NYY fans missing Wilson Betemit's bat this year.

Hmmm, Joba lit up today as well. Haven't seen any reports on the why, but 0.0 IP, 1H, 4BB, 5ER looks ominous for those expected 150IP in 2009. Maybe I should move Phil Hughes up on the draft day prep lists.

Then again, counting on Burnett for 200IP doesn't seem like a wise gamble to begin with so maybe Hughes and Kennedy can...wait what year is this?

Say it with me Yankee fans, "we cannot buy the pennant, we cannot buy the pennant." Maybe take a cue from Bart and enough chalkboard inscriptions will help you avoid the curse of Teixeira (not to be confused with the curse of Mussina which merely dictated no WS rings).

To me, it looks as if the run of no playoffs continues, and guess what, baseball will survive.