WWE: Is Ryback in Line, Ready for a Main-Event Push?

Anthony RizzutiSenior Analyst IIISeptember 25, 2012

If you saw what I did on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, you witnessed Ryback, yes Ryback, close out the show.

After WWE Champion CM Punk took a cheap shot to Mick Foley backstage, he looked up and appeared extremely bothered by the man who was viciously staring him down—Ryback.

The show and segment ended with Goldberg, I mean Ryback, giving Punk a scary look while breathing heavily.

So does this mean the human wrecking ball is in line for a major push?

In closing out Monday’s Raw with Ryback challenging the champion, Punk, does this mean he’s in for a mega push to main-event status?

We should certainly believe so.

After months of feeding jobbers to Ryback in brief squash matches, the former Nexus member appears as if he will be fed a heavier meal.

That meal, you ask? Well, it looks like he’ll be entering a program with the company’s No. 2 Superstar and heavyweight champ, CM Punk.

With an inevitable promotion now on the horizon, can we affirmatively say Ryback is ready? Is his character over enough and believable enough with the fans for this?

Why not?

Although it may be rather unconventional to throw a wrestler into a main-event feud after a long string of squash matches, there are a handful of current superstars that have taken the shorter road to glory.

Take Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio, for instance.

The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, made his WWE debut on June 30, 2009. Just six months later, he defeated the company’s golden boy, John Cena, for the WWE Championship at the TLC pay-per-view.

What’s happened since for the Irish-born lad? Oh, nothing much unless you consider unquestioned top-tier status a small achievement.

Del Rio, although not as over as Sheamus, has also seen some fairly solid success over a short period of time. The Mexican aristocrat has already chalked up two WWE title reigns as well as a Royal Rumble win in just three years. He is now one of the top heels the industry has to offer.

Is Ryback prepared for a similar push that both Sheamus and Del Rio have experienced?

Well, just look at the man. He’s absolutely huge! At 6’3” and 291 pounds, Ryback is easily one of the company’s most daunting and intimidating figures.

He possesses a passable move set and is fairly solid in the ring. His gimmick is even something fans can definitely buy into.

Even though CM Punk is the “Best in the World,” would I believe a Ryback win over the current WWE Champion? Hell yeah, I would.

Pushing Ryback would be an intriguing and beneficial move for the WWE. It’ll give their creative team a fresh face to work with and another top face the main-event scene has been desperately longing for.