A Letter to Cheeseheads from Chicago Bears Nation

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A Letter to Cheeseheads from Chicago Bears Nation
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Dear Cheeseheads Around The World,

I don't like you.  You don't like me.  Everyone and their mother knows that.  Personally, I wouldn't bring myself to wear green and gold if you put a gun to my head.  Our rivalry is vicious, cruel, disrespectful, entertaining, and a lifestyle.  But today, we stand side by side. 

Tonight's game was atrocious.  I myself have refereed football, so I understand to some extent just how difficult it can be.  However, there is no excuse for not knowing the rules and executing them to the best of your ability.  Any soul who claims that the referees were correct hereby subjects themselves to cruel and unusual punishment.  I admit it.  The Packers should have won. 

If tonight's outcome had happened to my beloved Bears, I know how utterly livid I would be.  Without a doubt, there would be a trail of wreckage and carnage behind me.  Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but you get the picture.  I can't imagine how upset the town of Green Bay is right now.  Visions of revolution and anarchy cycle endlessly through my head.

Despite the fact that the Bears ultimately benefit from your loss, the game of football was humiliated tonight.  Social media sites were blowing up with fans of every team outraged and disgusted with the performances of the officiating crew.  Fans throughout the country have gone as far as claiming to boycott watching the NFL until the regular referees return. 

Hopefully tonight's controversy will push the NFL to a contract with the official's union.  I would like to personally thank tonight's crew for assisting the Bears in the standings, and condemn them for embarrassing the game of football.  Regardless of what happens, we should all be thankful that we are at least are guaranteed, unlike the NHL. 

Bottom line, I'm glad the Packers lost.  But I'm disappointed in how they lost.  Packers fans, I hope this never happens to you again.  Instead, I hope that you lose every game fair and square for the rest of the season.  Strike that, for the rest of your franchise history. 

See you in Chicago on December 16th.


Chicago Bears Nation

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