John Cena vs. CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, an Inevitable Mistake

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2012

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Even with John Cena's elbow on the mend and his recovery timetable uncertain, WWE is apparently pushing ahead with a Cena vs. CM Punk Hell in a Cell main event.

With no satisfactory alternatives to challenge Punk for his WWE title, WWE looks to be willing to rush Cena back from arthroscopic surgery in order to have the two top stars battle it out again.

Mick Foley made a surprise appearance on Raw to increase the hype of that potential matchup.

In an emotional speech, he talked of Punk earning the fans' respect at Hell in a Cell by defeating Cena. Foley delivered the line of the night: "Would you rather be a statistic or a legend?"

Toward the end of the show, Cena, in a sling, challenged Punk. Punk didn't accept the challenge, but he threatened to assault him right then and there.

Cena took a lead pipe to Punk's gut, continuing and escalating their long feud.                  

WWE is banking on a speedy recovery from Cena. Even if his elbow is mobile by then, he likely won't be at full strength and won't be in any shape to take any major bumps.

A PG Hell in a Cell match with a banged-up Cena can't be the best main-event option, can it?

There is no star on any wrestling roster with the name power that Cena wields, but wouldn't a healthy Randy Orton be a better option?

There is no need to risk Cena's health, to rush his recovery and give fans a match they've seen several times already. Hell in a Cell is far enough away to build a quick feud with Orton or someone who Punk has previous bad blood with.

Foley's arguments were compelling for another Cena vs. Punk fight, and it would be a great match with or without the Cell, but the timing is off. WWE can't predict how Cena's recovery will go.

What if he isn't ready? Why not get us ready for another match?

If this was WrestleMania, maybe you force things, but it's a B-show. It's just not worth it. Continuing in this direction is an act of stubbornness and overdependence on one star.