Packers vs. Seahawks and the 6 Craziest Endings in NFL History

Jesse ReedCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2012

Packers vs. Seahawks and the 6 Craziest Endings in NFL History

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    The Green Bay Packers got robbed by the replacement referees on Monday Night Football, who literally gave the Seattle Seahawks the game.

    It was the worst piece of officiating I've ever seen.

    It also got us thinking: How does this game compare to the craziest endings in the history of the league?

    The NFL has seen its fair share of shockers, so follow along as we take a look at the most insane finishes this league has ever seen. 

Saints at Jaguars, 2003

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    The New Orleans Saints were down by seven points with seven seconds left to play in Week 17 of the regular season. They needed a win to get into the playoffs, and somehow, some way, they executed one of the most brilliant last-second plays you're ever going to see for six points.

    Then, John Carney shanked the extra point.


    The Saints lost the game, and as's Pete Prisco put it:

    It's the equivalent of painting a masterpiece and then spilling a jar of mustard on it as soon as it's completed. Or like sculpting the next great statue, and then dropping it and seeing it break into a thousand pieces right in front of your eyes.

    Yeah, it was kind of like that. 

Miracle at the Meadowlands, Part Deux

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    The Philadelphia Eagles were down by 21 points with just over eight minutes to play against their archrivals, the New York Giants, when their offense came to life.

    They tied the game up late in the fourth quarter thanks to some heroics from Michael Vick, and then, with 12 seconds left on the game clock, Matt Dodge made a crucial mistake and gave DeSean Jackson a fieldable punt. 

    The rest, as they say, is history. Jackson won the game on an electric return that started with a near fumble. 

Holy Roller

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    Ken Stabler and the Oakland Raiders had one shot left to win a game against the San Diego Chargers back in 1978. 

    He dropped back to pass and was under pressure when he attempted to throw the ball. The ball came out of his hands funny, due to the fact that he was getting tackled at the time by a Chargers defender, but the officials ruled that the ball had been fumbled. 

    Stabler later admitted that he was "trying to fumble" on the play—one that changed the rules of the NFL in regards to forward fumbles for all time (h/t 

    The Chargers should have won that game.

Music City Miracle (The Original)

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    The Buffalo Bills were up by one point with 16 seconds left on the clock when all hell broke loose and the Music City Miracle was born.

    Lorenzo Neal received the kickoff after the Bills made a field goal to go up by one. Neal then handed the ball off to tight end Frank Wycheck, who then heaved the ball across the field—almost a forward pass—and competed the insanely long lateral to Kevin Dyson, who then took the ball 75 yards for the game-winning score. 

    This play propelled the Tennessee Titans all the way to the Super Bowl that year, where they ultimately lost to the St. Louis Rams. 

Immaculate Reception

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    Oakland Raiders fans are still bitter about this loss, and Pittsburgh Steelers fans maintain to this day that Franco Harris actually caught the ball. It's hard to say from the footage available, but it looked to me that the ball hit the ground before Harris caught it. 

    It's the most controversial play in NFL history...until now. 

Highway Robbery in the Northwest

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    The Green Bay Packers had a chance to end this game, but the game was stolen by the replacement refs.

    Russell Wilson heaved a desperation Hail Mary pass that was clearly picked off by M.D. Jennings. He had full possession of the football, and on the way down, Golden Tate got a paw on the ball. Finally, when the play was over, Tate started getting both of his hands on the football, causing one of the refs to signal a touchdown. 

    There are two big problems here. 

    First off, Tate clearly shoved Sam Shields out of the play, which should have resulted in an offensive pass interference. 

    The other problem is that the other ref, standing on the opposite side of the pile with a better view, correctly called it a touchback. That's bad enough, but the tale gets worse.

    The officials determined that the ref standing on the wrong side of the play got the call right, and when the play went to the booth, those guys upheld the ruling that Jennings and Tate had simultaneous possession. 

    The entire thing is a complete disgrace, and it's the most insane finish to an NFL football game I've ever seen. 


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