25 Extreme WWE Clips from the Pre-PG Eras (Adult Content)

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25 Extreme WWE Clips from the Pre-PG Eras (Adult Content)

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    The following article deals with explicit and adult subject matter.

    Back in 1997, WWE was being beaten in the ratings by Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling. Over the next few months and years, WWE launched an aggressive campaign that became known as "The Attitude Era," which changed the tone of the show in order to gain back viewers.

    WWE did eventually beat Turner's WCW in the ratings, even buying WCW from Time Warner in 2001. Yet, despite having no real competition after that period, WWE continued pushing explicit storylines for several more years.

    While WWE is currently taking down numerous video clips from YouTube, citing copyright infringement, some videos do remain showing exactly how extreme WWE was during the decade between 1997 and 2007.

25: The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust

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    The character Goldust was one of the first real envelope-pushing characters in WWE during the mid-1990's.

    In late 1997, however, the character became The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, and was led to the ring by Luna Vachon in sadomasochistic gear.

24: Stephanie McMahon Captured by Ministry of Darkness

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    In this storyline, Linda's daughter Stephanie was captured by the Undertaker's satanic group, the Ministry of Darkness, and tied to something that resembled a crucifix.

    The idea was that she was going to be forced to marry The Undertaker against her will, until she was finally rescued.

23: Steve Austin Rips Shirt off Stephanie McMahon

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    Here we see crowd favorite "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tearing the shirt off Linda McMahon's daughter Stephanie in front of the TV audience and the entire arena.

22: Gravy Bowl Match

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    In keeping with more highbrow WWE entertainment, here we see WWE's female competitors Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler wrestling in gravy.

21: Spanking Matches

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    WWE also had a number of "spanking matches" between female competitors.

    Here is one between Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.

20: Bra and Panties Matches

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    Another staple of the time period was bra-and-panties matches between female competitors, in which the goal of the lady wrestlers was to strip her opponent down to her underwear.

    The clip here shows the first ever time the bra-and-panties match was conducted under tag team rules, with Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler wrestling Trish Stratus and Lita.

19: Schoolgirl Outfit Matches

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    Here is a battle royale from an event called Taboo Tuesday, in which WWE's female wrestlers competed in schoolgirl outfits.

18: Torrie Wilson's Playboy Party

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    When WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson appeared in an issue of Playboy magazine, WWE decided to promote the issue with an in-ring segment.

    This immediately led to the return of former WWE star Sable, who ended the promo by kissing Torrie.

17: Torrie vs. Sable Bikini Contest

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    Of course, the rivalry between Torrie Wilson and Sable resulted in a bikini competition. And that bikini contest ended with Torrie kissing Sable.

    Eventually both Torrie Wilson and Sable would appear in a Playboy photo shoot together.

16: TIE: Mae Young Powerbomb & Vince's 'Kiss My Ass Club'

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    Since this video appears to be the only place on YouTube to see these two happenings, we'll let them tie at No.16.

    In this video, from 0:15 to 0:21, we see Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombing the elderly Mae Young off the stage through a table.

    From 1:29 to 1:37, you see Vince McMahon having William Regal literally kiss his rear end, becoming the first of many to become "members" of Vince McMahon's so-called "Kiss My Ass Club."

    Also in the video, at 1:24, you can see Linda McMahon kissing Eric Bischoff.

15: The Katie Vick Storyline

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    Since No.16 featured more than just two clips, we're going to leave this one blank...which is convenient, since no videos involving the Katie Vick storyline are on YouTube any longer.

    Thanks to WWE's aggressive campaign to crack down on supposed copyright infringement, it is much harder to today see what happened on the show back then between the character Kane and Linda McMahon's son-in-law, known as Triple H.

    In October 2002, WWE planned a feud between the two. And to add to this feud, they decided that Triple H would uncover how Kane once had a girlfriend who died. This fictional woman was supposedly named Katie Vick.

    At one point, WWE even had Triple H wear Kane's mask and get inside a casket to hump a mannequin.

    Yes, something so offensive could also be that entirely pointless and stupid.

14: Implying Possibility of Incest?

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    In 2007, Vince McMahon was trying to figure out who his illegitimate child was.

    While hunting down that person, WWE seemed to twice imply that, depending on who the illegitimate child was, incest might have occurred.

    This first such occurrence happened on the August 18, 2007 edition of "Saturday Night's Main Event." After it was suggested that female wrestler Melina Perez might have been Vince's daughter, it was implied (though never overtly stated) that she had previously had some sort of illicit relationship with Vince.

    The second occurrence took place on WWE's flagship show "Raw" when, right before Vince's illegitimate child was finally revealed, it was briefly suggested that Triple H might have been his son.

    Since Triple H is married to Vince's actual daughter Stephanie, it was at least briefly implied that the husband and wife might have been half-siblings.

13: The Attitude Commercial

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    WWE was so proud of its explicit nature that it even crafted a commercial making light of its turn and showing that its new "Attitude" really was a purposeful marketing campaign.

    Notice how everything is said in a mocking, satirical manner.

12: The Godfather's 'Ho Train'

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    WWE featured one wrestler in the late 90's named The Godfather, who was nothing more than a stereotypical pimp.

    The Godfather was accompanied by a bevy of prostitutes that he called his "Ho Train," and he made it clear that "Pimpin' ain't easy."

11: Degeneration X Swearing Up a Storm

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    This video, from circa 1999, shows Shawn Michaels and Linda's future son-in-law Triple H proving just how politically incorrect they could be.

10: Vince McMahon Compares Himself to God in Church

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    In 2006, Vince McMahon challenged God to a tag team match.

    In the lead-up to that match, Vince went to church with his son Shane. He then proceeded to compare himself to God, declare his own commandments, and scream, "Blessed be the name Vincent Kennedy McMahon!"

9: Elderly Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand

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    As weird as that title sounds, yes, it really did happen.

    After coming to WWE in 1999, female wrestling legend Mae Young was put into many strange storylines. One involved her giving birth to a severed hand while smoking a cigar.

8: Austin Points a Gun at Vince Until He Pees Himself

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    Here we see fan favorite "Stone Cold" Steve Austin threaten to murder Vince McMahon in the middle of the ring with a gun. Before McMahon realizes that the gun is merely a toy, he pees his pants.

#7: The 'Thong Stinkface' Match

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    Certainly wrestling fans would contend WWE's annual event SummerSlam has provided great memories over the years.

    Whether this was one of them, well that's another story.

    Here we see two female wrestlers, Terri Runnels and The Kat, compete in a "thong stinkface" match, in which the goal is to sit on the other woman's face.

6: Beaver Cleavage

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    The segment I'm referencing here takes place between in this YouTube video between 2:57 and 3:07.

    The vignette satirizes the classic American sitcom "Leave It to Beaver" with a character named "Beaver Cleavage."

    The character is attended to by his "mom," who offers him some "mother's milk." What is not shown is when the "mother" wipes off Beaver Cleavage's lap.

5: Kane Sets JR on Fire

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    In this supposed interview gone wrong, we see the recently-unmasked Kane dump gasoline over longtime WWE announcer Jim Ross and set him on fire.

4: Edge and Lita's Live Sex Celebration

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    Yes, WWE even showed a "live sex celebration" between wrestlers Edge and Lita in the middle of the wrestling ring in 2006.

3: Val Venis Shooting a Porno with Jenna Jameson

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    Yes, WWE did have a character named Val Venis. Yes, he was supposed to be a porn star. Yes, they did air sexually charged vignettes with Val Venis. And yes, they even filmed one where he was supposedly filming a porno with porn star Jenna Jameson.

    But when Connecticut journalist Chris Powell used the term "pornography" to describe WWE earlier this year, WWE threatened legal action.


2: Sable Wins Bikini Contest with Paint

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    This moment, more than any other, embodied the explicitness of WWE's "Attitude Era."

    In order to win a bikini contest, WWE female wrestler Sable covered her breasts with paint in the shape of hand-prints, and revealed herself to the arena.

    But remember: according to WWE, you cannot call this pornographic.

1: Linda Catches Vince with His Pants Down

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    In this clip we see Vince McMahon ready to cheat on his wife with a female wrestler named Torrie Wilson.

    After Torrie strips Vince down, he turns around only to be standing face-to-face with his wife, Linda McMahon.