Brodus Clay and Tensai, Why Are They in WWE?

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2012

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Last night, WWE super heavyweights Tensai and The Funkasaurus briefly faced off on Raw.

They were then quickly destroyed by The Big Show. But what is the point of having them on the show at all?

I'm not just talking about why they were on Raw. I'm wondering why these characters are in WWE.

Brodus Clay has been the Funkasaurus in WWE since January of this year.

Tensai returned to WWE the day after WrestleMania.

There have been a few questions raised since their debuts, mainly people questioning the new gimmicks.

However, one question has still never been answered.

Why are they in WWE?

During this entire time, all we've ever learned about Brodus is that he likes to dance, and wants us to call his momma.

All we've ever learned about Tensai is that he was a big star in Japan, and has some sort of manservant that he likes to push around.

That's it.

Do they want the World Title? The Intercontinental Title? Are they in WWE for money? To get women?

Maybe, but they've never said so.

So why exactly are they in WWE? I don't recall ever hearing Tensai talk a single time in the five months he's been back in the company. His character has absolutely no motivation.

He shows up, he loses, and he comes back next week.

Brodus Clay shows up, he dances, he wins, and comes back next week.

According to the stats, Brodus is an amazing competitor. He's 30 - 2. That's world title material. (After all CM Punk is a mere 22-18-5).

Apparently he doesn't care. He just wants to dance with children.

This isn't a problem for just these two. It's a problem in all of WWE today. Very few guys talk about the titles or what they want.

How are fans supposed to rally behind someone when they don't know what they're rallying for?

What makes sports great is the desire of the competitors to win. They have goals, championships to win, scores to settle, money to make.

We go on the journey with them, and cheer them on as they reach new heights in their career.

Or look at TV shows.

On Breaking Bad, Walter White sells drugs to support his family, on Lost, they wanted to get off the island, Tony Soprano wanted to consolidate power and wealth while balancing his family life.

We know what these characters want, and as an audience can understand why they act a certain way.

Tensai and Brodus have none of this. After months, they're still completely forgettable one-dimensional characters. It's probably why their crowd reactions are largely apathetic.

It's not a problem with every wrestler though. Take CM Punk for example. His character is based upon his love of wrestling, his infatuation for the title, and his desire for respect. Sheamus loves a good brawl, a bad joke, and is proud of his Heavyweight title.

Like them or not, they're defined characters with direction.

When it comes to mid-carders like Brodus and Tensai we're left without answers.

We don't even know what Clay's relationship is with the Funkadactyls. Are they lovers? Childhood friends? Family members?

Seriously, what are they?

Who is Sakamoto? Why does he follow Tensai around? Why was he not on Raw on Monday?

The announcers didn't even bother to mention his absence. Paying attention apparently gets you nowhere.

There are so many questions to ask about the characters on Raw, but for the most part we're left without answers.

With three hours of Raw every week, it would benefit the promotion tremendously to take just a few minutes, let their characters talk, and just give us a reason to care about them.

That shouldn't be too much to ask for. After all, seeing a fat man dance week after week for no reason has a surprisingly short shelf life.