T.O. Jobless Again! Where Will He Go Now?

Brett ConnollyContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Late Wednesday night Terrell Owens found out he would no longer play in Big D again.

Some people might ask how could Jerry Jones do this? Owens is one of the greatest receivers of our generation. He is sixth in receptions with 951, fifth in yards with 14,122, and second in touchdowns only behind the great Jerry Rice. His numbers are there but his lack of respect for his teammates and coaches has been his demise.

Jerry Jones has the biggest ego in the NFL, that’s why it was such a big surprise to Owens when he found out he was being cut by the Cowboys. In February, Jones told the media that he would not release Owens. After signing a four-year, $34 million deal with a $12 million dollar signing bonus just last year. Dallas will take a $9 million salary cap hit with the release of Owens. Is it worth it?

If you look at the numbers you would say no, keep the loud mouth and just deal with him. If you go into the locker room after a 6-44 loss to Owens former employer the Eagles you say this guy just needs to go.

Dallas will be just fine without Terrell. Will Terrell be fine without Dallas?

Who is willing to take a chance on a 35 year old baby with more drama than a sixteen year old girl?

The Washington Redskins and their never ending stream of money or maybe the Denver Broncos who seem to be buying everyone this off season. The teams that will look at Owens will be Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers, Bears, and Jets.

Many will say no to most of these teams but the Redskins always needs wide outs. Terrell would compliment Brandon Marshall well in Denver and maybe Jay Cutler will stop crying if he has one of the best receivers ever to throw to.

Scott Pioli will try to land T.O. for the simple fact that Matt Cassel will need more weapons.  Not to mention, we all know that Todd Haley can handle out spoken players as we saw in Super Bowl XLIII when Anquan Boldin got in Haley’s face because he wasn’t on the field.

The Ravens just need an offence and Owens can give it to them.  Flacco can sling the ball and T.O can go get it. I would say if Rex Ryan and the rest of the defense didn’t leave the Ravens they would have a real shot at the Super Bowl with the addition of Owens.

If what I keep reading is true Hines Ward will not be a Steeler next year. If that is the fact then look for Mike Tomlin to try to land TO. Tomlin could keep Owens in line and big Ben won’t take his crap. It would be a great fit for him.

Jets need a QB first before they can go after Owens, but say they went after Owens he would still have the spotlight in New York and could grow up and take charge of the Jets. Maybe this is what he needs a team that will ride him to the playoffs.

Kyle Orton would love to have Owens in Chicago. They need a true number one in the windy city, they could make a run back to the Super Bowl with T.O    

He would work in any of these situations, only if he could behave!