Dolphins: Bill Parcells, Jason Taylor Clash Over Dancing with the Stars

Matt WinthropContributor IMarch 17, 2008

Bill Parcells has to be beside himself with the news that his new team's best player, Jason Taylor, is spending his offseason preparing for an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

While trying to rebound from an NFL-worst 1-15 record, you gotta believe that the last thing Parcells wanted to see his star defensive end doing is dancing around on a reality show in sequins and tights. 

Memo to Jason: Emmitt Smith was retired when he went on (and won) that show, not trying to resurrect a team wallowing in the cellar of the league.

Parcells, as the new Team President and General Manager, is trying to bring a winning attitude back to Miami. Reality-show distractions, even if JT ends up taking the dancing crown, are probaby not exactly what he had in mind. 

But then again, Miami has a proud dancing history. If all else fails, maybe they could change the name of the team to the South Beach Dancin' Fools.