Hogan: Cena Or Jericho

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Hogan: Cena Or Jericho

If, and only if, Hogan does get something done with the WWE then the question is; Cena or Jericho.

That is the question that has been asked since the rumor has started. Hogan has two possible good matches, but what would be a better fit?

I am going to give you the best case for both Hogan vs Cena or Jericho at WrestleMania 25.

John Cena

This match would probably be similar to Hogan/Rock at WM 18 and with Hogan's age coming into play, what can we expect from Hogan?

This match would probably be the most hyped match since Hogan/Rock. Cena is involved with Edge and the Big Show, but could be put into the title match if Hogan and WWE falls.

The match itself could probably be worse than Hogan/McMahon at WM 19. If this match happened, I would only be interested in seeing how Hogan would affect the fans. He turned the Rock heel when they fought, and maybe he could do the same to Cena. 

It is a good opportunity.

Chris Jericho

This match with the legend storyline would work perfectly well for me. I mean, we know that Stone Cold will not wrestle, so having Hogan would be great because he is broken down old legend living off of his name, representing everything that Jericho hates.

This match could be good if Hogan is serious and Hogan could get the win because of the heel vs. face match. I like this matchup a little better.

When I think about Hogan at WrestleMania I think ,here we go again, but the two matchups are good.

It could be great if Hogan can get committed, but I doubt we'll see that happen.

If not Cena or Jericho then what? Or a better question, who?

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