Terrell Owens Cut: Dallas Cowboys Straddle Up for Bumpy Ride

Neel PatelContributor IMarch 5, 2009

The Dallas Cowboys have cut their No. 1 wide receiver and offensive weapon Terrell Owens. So what does this mean for their upcoming season? It’s going to be a bumpy ride, that’s for sure.

Let’s take a look at what the Cowboys have done or not done so far this offseason, and how their opponents have faired.

Adam “Pacman” Jones is released

Well, I may be the only one, but I think he’s a good player. Off the field is a completely different story. This move can be viewed in either direction, and I’ll call it a toss up.

Cowboys tender Miles Austin, Stephen Bowen, Sam Hurd, and Corey Proctor

By putting a second round draft choice tag on Austin and Hurd, the Cowboys shored up decent third and fourth wide receivers, but would soon release T.O., leaving big holes at that position. The tenders weren’t a bad move though. They were smart ones.

Brad Johnson is released


Miami Dolphins sign offensive lineman Joe Berger

The Cowboys don’t care, and neither does anyone else.

The Cowboys sign Jon Kitna

Okay, this is a huge upgrade over Brooks Bollinger and Johnson. While this is a good move, in the end, he’s still a backup. This is unless he gets to start in the playoffs over Tony Romo who only shows up for the regular season.

Keith Brooking signed by ‘Boys

The Cowboys’ defense needs some leadership.

The Cowboys sign Matt Stewart

While they’ve signed Stewart, the Cowboys released Zach Thomas.

Anthony Henry is traded

Eh. Nothing major.

Chris Canty signs with New York Giants

If you’re going to let him go, make sure he doesn’t go to the Giants for god sakes.

Owens is cut as well as safety Roy Williams.

This has obviously been the biggest splash.

With the Giants defense getting stronger by a little bit this offseason, and the Washington Redskins making big splashes, the ‘Boys didn’t help themselves. They are only looking better than the Eagles in the NFC East at this point.

Williams is the most overrated safety in the NFL. Yes, he can hit harder than any other safety, but beyond that, there is no beyond that. That’s all he’s good for.

Owens on the other hand is vital to this offense. Jason Witten was seeing a wide-open middle of the field due to Owens being double covered. That middle of the field will be clogged up this year, and those double teams will come on Witten.

Linebackers will be able to stuff the box and try to stop the run as they don’t have to worry about Owens anymore. Yes he had off the field issues, but was it really worth giving up the centerpiece of your offense?

Only time will tell.

And with their first round pick, the Dallas Cowboys select... (insert wide receiver here)