Manny Serving Manny

Steven J. WardContributor IMarch 5, 2009

That disturbing Chesire smile quickly yeilds to an arogance as only he can exhibit.

Did you not over the last two seasons in Boston "vow" to never sign for this amount? It is the same amount of your last contract year in Boston right? You sat upon your self-styled summit and proclaimed your greatness to anyone that would listen then proceeded to destroy everything around you including the faith of thousands of kids who thought of you as a true role model. Now, although not connected by the hyper-needle, you are indeed just another spoiled fat cat and we still must explain it all to our children!

My problem is simply that you and the like continue to keep this game, our game, dragging in the quagmire of contradiction.

Words are thrown around upon the ebb tide of your popularity but that will change, sadly, as soon as you hit a home run, except with those who see the game first as an extension of life and secondly as the game it use to be. There is very little likeness to the game today and that of yesteryear; can you imagine motivation for playing the game being generated by a love for the game itself? To the average individual one could relate this to being true to a particular woman/man because they simply love and would do whatever it takes to fulfill that condition.

Manny can laugh and high-five a fan or two after a running catch in left field, provided he is happy with his contract, or smile from the dugout after rounding the bases (and before he takes oxygen), and he can even adjust his extended rows of fantasy hair—it must be an illusion since Joe Torre does not allow long, shaggy hair, but "Manny being Manny" is just another metaphor for Manny serving Manny.