WWE Analysis: How Long Can Kane and Daniel Bryan Continue to Be Funny?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured Columnist IVMarch 30, 2017

Kane and Daniel Bryan have been two of the brighter spots in WWE programming lately with their demented partnership and they don't seem to show any signs of slowing down.

In fact, it seems like they are just heating up.

WWE rarely strikes comedy gold like they have with these two, but one has to wonder how long the gimmick and pairing between these two can stay this entertaining.

In the past we have seen gimmick come in strong and fizzle out quickly when fans tire of it. Brodus Clay is a recent example of someone who had a lot of promise early on and failed to go beyond that early push.

Sometimes you have someone special come along and they are able to bring such a high level of charisma and entertainment value that they can almost do anything and the fans will cheer it.

Guys like Stone Cold, the Rock and DX are all capable of getting an entire arena to shake with applause from one simple joke.

Rocky even got a "lady parts" chant going. Not everyone can do that, or rather nobody else can.

Bryan and Kane are one of the most unlikely combinations in WWE, and that is part of what makes them so entertaining. The Odd Couple factor plays a big role.

When the anger management skits first began it seemed like something that would be a short-term part of a feud, but it has turned into a championship-winning team that manages to be hilarious every time they get together.

Their arguments are always entertaining and their in-ring interactions make their matches stand out as memorable once the show is over.

When something has this much momentum it usually ends up being either becoming stale when nothing new is added to the gimmick or it gets killed off before it reaches full potential.

Giving Bryan and Kane the tag titles will go a long way to helping bring some attention to the division and it will keep both men busy until their is room at the top for them to enter into singles feuds.

This past week we saw them in a diner together for a series of skits with Dr. Shelby and it was very clear that WWE is putting a lot of time into these segments.

Each segment was funny for totally different reasons, although the When Harry Met Sally reference may have put some people off, Mae Young being the obvious exception.

Each week I wonder if WWE is going to keep going strong with this angle or if they will fall flat on their collective goat faces and each week I am happy to see them still have a high level of humor and entertainment value.

Where this angle goes from here is unknown, but WWE would be smart not to wear fans out too quickly with this.

Taking a week off from showing the videos outside of the ring with Kane and Bryan could end up going a long way to allowing WWE to squeeze every last drop out of this idea.

What do you think?

Will Daniel Bryan and Kane be able to keep up the humor until they part ways or will they eventually become boring and annoying?


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