The Actual places TO Could Land.

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The Actual places TO Could Land.

Once again Terrell Owens is on the market. He will get offers from some teams, but his goal is most likely to get to a contender. So let's see where Terrell Owens will land...

1. NY Giants. With the loss of Plax the New York Giants need a big play wide receiver. The Giants are built to win now and adding TO can be that last piece. Also the concept of joining another team in the same division will help build the rivalry between the divisional rivals. 

2. Oakland Raiders. They love to spend tons of money on players that performed well in the past. TO fits that profile perfectly. TO also fits the swagger of the Raiders. If there was ever really a Raider type of WR it is TO.

3. San Francisco 49ers. Although they have decent wide receivers they do not have a player of TO's caliber. This is where TO started his career and I believe he should take after Ken Griffey and try and go full circle with his career. 

4. Carolina Panthers. They would love to have TO he can complement Steve Smith on the field beautifully. The problem is that they will most likely collide off the field. This little experiment could be worth a try because the up side is enormous. 

5. Chicago Bears. They need some form of consistency. TO can fill that roll. The Bears can throw it to him as many times as they want. Devin Hester is great and all, but he is not a pure wide receiver. So this is a plausible fit. 

There are some teams that he would love to join. This is a list of those teams that would laugh in his face if he asked to play for them. Steelers, Falcons, Vikings, Eagles, and Bengals.

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