Manchester United Seven Points Clear Again As Guus Hiddink Does a 'Kevin Keegan'

CarlyluvsunitedCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Guus Hiddink seems to have gone all 'Kevin Keegan' as the pressure gets to him in the race for the Premiership.
He was talking at a press conference and went off on one saying he would 'love it' if Chelsea caught Manchester United.
He has more chance of doing that than Keegan has of managing a club for more than six months without crying off and running away. Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is confident his team will not panic if their lead in the Premier League starts eroding.

"The experience we have garnered over the years helps us, we don't panic. We very seldom have. Even in games we always keep playing our football and remain patient. Matches at Stoke and Bolton have been won like that this season. It is not an easy to do when you are chasing titles."

Give it up Guus or you'll end up like Keegan, hiding away in Spain every time the pressure builds up. You're better off hiding away in Russia accepting the roubles from that crook billionaire Abramobitch.....More Manchester United News From Carly HERE