Jeff Gordon: Cool, Calm, and Collected on His Way to Win,Win,Win...etc

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2009

Jeff Gordon is back! So, in case you had put away all the No. 24 hats, t-shirts, and jackets and were thinking about getting them out, DON'T!

Go out and buy new stuff. The economy needs you to spend some money.  Shame on you for giving up on Gordon so soon! That will be your punishment—buy new stuff.

I know that you all put that memorabilia away because you thought Gordon was toast. You figured that you could sell it on E-bay in about 10 years. 

Mr. Gordon is back! Yes, non-Gordon fans, sorry to have ruined your day. He is back and he may win it all this year.

He looks very happy and who wouldn't be. He has a great wife, a beautiful baby, and a good race car. Life has to be good for Jeff.

I think he will win many races this year. I won't say a number, because if Gordon gets into that "you can't stop me" zone, he could do something really special this year.

Special athletes always do special things when you least expect them to. There's no secret that he's a special driver. This may be a huge year for him. 

I wrote a blog a few years ago entitled: "Are Jeff Gordon's Best Days Over." Well, I was wrong, (that's why the mascot, a dog, in my high school graduated with a higher GPA than me). They are clearly not over; the best days may be just around the corner. 

Again fans, go buy new Jeff Gordon stuff and wear it proudly. And for those of you who put away your stuff, again, shame on you!