Tom Izzo: Don't Hesitate, Shave Your Dome ASAP

Tony MeyerAnalyst IMarch 5, 2009

As the final seconds ticked away in Michigan State's 64-59 victory in Indiana on Tuesday, Tom Izzo had a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

Back in the fall, Izzo, during an on-campus campout for Izzone tickets, made a bald, I mean bold, statement. Izzo stated that if MSU wins the Big Ten title, he will shave his head.

About 6 months later, that statement has become truth.  With Michigan State's latest victory they have clinched their first Big Ten Championship since 2001.  

Yes, we would all love to see a bald-headed Izzo coaching his team into the Final Four this year, but it looks like we aren't going to be so lucky.

Izzo has already said that he is going to wait until after the season to bring the clippers out.  I am here to ask, maybe even beg, that Mr. Izzo changes his mind and shaves it right now.

This would not be only for my own personal interest, but it would be in the best interest of the Spartans basketball team.

Allow me to explain.

It has been proven by the likes of John Wooden, Dean Smith, Coach K, and numerous others that coaches with hair can be successful.  But, on the other hand, there have been some bald coaches that have taken their teams on magical runs.

Jerry Tarkanian took UNLV to four Final Four's and won a National Championship in 1990 with nothing on his head but the glare from the stadium lights.

George Mason head coach, Jim Larranaga, took his small underdog school all the way to the Final Four in 2006.  He might not be bald in the Tarkanian sense, but his forehead is extended far beyond normal limits.

Ben Howland, coach of the UCLA Bruins, replaced embattled coach Steve Lavin, who is the classic case of great hair equaling poor play on the court.  Howland brought his Bruins squad to two Final Four appearances, 2006 and 2008, in the five years he has been coach.  You can see your reflection in Howland's head.

John Thompson III, coach of the Georgetown Hoyas, took his squad to the Final Four in 2007 where he met fellow hair-deprived Thad Matta and the Ohio State Buckeyes. When there is a match between two baldies, someone, unfortunately, has to lose.

If the Spartans want to make a run at a title this year, it would be smart for Tom Izzo to employ one of his seldom-used coaching techniques to vault this team all the way to Detroit.  

Mr. Izzo, I, and Spartan Nation alike, beg you to put your pride in your back pocket and shave your dome.  While your hair can grow back, being in position to win another title only comes by once in a long while.  

I hope and pray that you look at the evidence and take my advice to heart.