WWE: Why Kane Is One of the Greatest Tag-Team Wrestlers of All Time

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

When thinking about great tag-team wrestlers, names like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Edge often come to mind, thanks, in part, to their success as singles competitors later in their careers.

One name that isn't brought up often, however, is Kane. When you take his body of work into consideration, though, he should be near the top of the list.

Kane is a 13-time tag team champion in WWE, and while I realize that championships don't necessarily mean anything since the results are predetermined, Kane's tag-team success is a direct result of the writers trusting him to excel within the division.

One argument that can be made against Kane as a great tag-team wrestler is the fact that he was never part of an iconic team like the Road Warriors, Hart Foundation or Demolition. Kane has had a multitude of different partners over the years and I feel like that is part of what has made him a premier tag-team competitor.

Kane has done a great job with sensible partners such as The Undertaker, Mankind and Big Show, but he has also made it work with guys who don't seem compatible with Kane on the surface. That includes the likes of X-Pac, The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam and his current teammate, Daniel Bryan.

Anyone could tag with The Undertaker and come away looking great, but to do it with such polar opposites is what stands out to me. Kane teaming with X-Pac, Hurricane, RVD and Bryan seems ridiculous on paper, but Kane is such a versatile performer that he has been the perfect yin to the yang of his partners.

The best part of Kane's many partnerships is that he has played a different role each and every time. He has been heel, face and everything in between, and he has executed the part of dominant monster or comedic sideshow equally well.

When Kane first came to the WWE it seemed as though all he would ever be able to do is play the monster-heel character. He has done that brilliantly over the years, but I've been more impressed with his ability to complement the smaller wrestlers with his massive presence. No matter who Kane is paired with, the team is automatically legitimate thanks to Kane's track record.

Kane has been part of some fantastic tag teams over the years, but I believe he is doing his best work currently with Daniel Bryan. Many thought it was initially a bad idea for Kane and Bryan to team together since they're so different, but now their partnership is the hottest thing going in the WWE.

The fact that the creative team was actually willing to dedicate an entire episode of SmackDown to a tag team should tell you how happy the WWE is with Kane and his chemistry with Bryan. We've known for a long time that Kane is a reliable veteran with good skills in every area, but his comedic work has taken a huge step forward.

For the past couple years, the tag-team division has been an absolute wasteland in WWE. Rumors started circulating that Triple H was interested in revitalizing the tag scene, though, and it seems clear that a concerted effort has been made to do precisely that.

Based on what Kane has done for the WWE's tag-team division over the years, it should come as no surprise that he is the guy who is being trusted to help tag-team wrestling rise from the ashes.

He has thrived as a tag-team wrestler for so many years that I'm confident one of the best tag-team competitors ever can work his magic yet again.


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