WWE: Why the End of the Brand Split Should Eliminate the World Heavyweight Title

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Whether most fans realize it or not, the WWE's brand split has come to an end, and with that should come the elimination of the world heavyweight championship.

The brand split was on its last legs when Triple H made Raw into Raw Supershow last year. With Raw and SmackDown wrestlers appearing on Raw regularly, there was no longer a true distinction between the shows.

Since everything in the WWE is back to being one entity, there should only be one top champion. The world heavyweight championship is certainly prestigious in its own right, as it has a long, proud lineage, but there is no question that the WWE championship is king and always will be.

The top storyline in the WWE always revolves around John Cena, since he's the company's most marketable star, but the WWE championship is a close second. The world heavyweight championship, on the other hand, is a distant third as it doesn't even receive proper creative treatment much of the time.

Rather than allowing the world heavyweight championship to remain what amounts to a midcard title, it should be combined with the WWE championship to form a new undisputed championship. Many fans look back on the undisputed championship fondly, and I'm sure most wouldn't mind seeing it make a comeback.

WWE champion CM Punk and world heavyweight champion Sheamus had an exchange on Raw a few weeks back, and although what was said was part of the script, it rang true.

Punk told Sheamus that being world heavyweight champion meant he was only second best. That should never be the case with a world title, so it's time to make a change.

Instead of having one strong title and one weak title, the best course of action would be to strengthen the WWE championship even more by making it the only game in town.

Since anyone can appear on Raw or SmackDown, Punk or whoever has the undisputed championship could be visible on every show in order to make the title look even more important.

Having one world title would increase flexibility when it comes to booking as well.

Even though there isn't a brand split, most guys appear on either Raw or SmackDown more than the other. Therefore, it wouldn't be natural for a guy like The Miz to challenge for the world heavyweight championship or Randy Orton to challenge for the WWE championship.

Unifying the belts would be a great way to bridge the gap to Survivor Series, when you take Cena's injury into consideration.

He is supposed to be out for six-to-eight weeks after having bone chips removed from his elbow, and while that could be an exaggeration in order to make Cena look stronger when he returns, he may very well miss that much time.

If his recovery ends up taking the high end of the estimate, Cena won't be available for Hell in a Cell. That would leave Punk without an opponent.

Sheamus hasn't entered into a new feud yet either, so why not have them face each other to determine the true undisputed champion of the WWE?

Punk would look stronger than ever heading into his Royal Rumble match with The Rock, as he will have held the WWE championship for over a year and would be in possession of the world heavyweight championship as well.

The world heavyweight championship has floundered around the waist of Sheamus for the past few months as his feud with Alberto Del Rio captivated absolutely nobody. Perhaps the only thing that can save it is combining it with the WWE championship, so the move makes a lot of sense.

Also, if the WWE ever decides to go back to a true brand split, the undisputed championship can be broken up into two titles once again. It doesn't necessarily have to be a permanent fix, but I believe it would really help the world title situation in the interim.


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