7 NBA Teams That Desperately Need a Logo Overhaul

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

7 NBA Teams That Desperately Need a Logo Overhaul

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    The NBA offseason is eating up a lot of time, but leaving us with little to talk about in terms of actual basketball stories. Even when training camp starts, there is going to be a lot of space between stories that have some actual effect on the upcoming season.

    What we all have to realize is the only thing that's going to satiate our desire and outright need for basketball news is for the season to start and for guys to start playing some basketball.

    Unlike most basketball fanatics who are foaming at the mouth right about now with no free agency news left to go down and little to nothing in terms of other news coming out, I actually like this bit of down time we get.

    Rather than having to constantly look at what each team is trying to accomplish day in and day out we can look at some of the more superficial things around the league.

    A bunch of what you'll see over the next few weeks isn't going to have much impact in terms of what people think about certain teams, but there is a chance for us to take a look at the league and really go over it with a fine-toothed comb.

    What I want to do right now is look at the teams around the league who have a logo that seems to be outdated or just outright terrible. Some of these teams are due for a change, so I'll go ahead and get the ball rolling for them.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    The Charlotte Bobcats are on their third logo in just under a decade of NBA existence, and they can't really seem to figure it out up to this point.

    Charlotte seems to think that they've got a good logo, it's just a few tweaks that are going to make it perfect.

    From their first logo to their third, all they've done is change the color of the bobcat twice, change the fill color for "Bobcats" from grey to white with an orange tint and then enclose the word "Charlotte" in the same box as the rest of the logo, changing its fill color to orange in the process.

    This is probably the best incarnation of the logo that they've been using since 2004, the only problem was that that logo was bad when they unveiled it years ago.

    What they've got is a very '90s looking basketball logo mixed with a 2000s-looking package putting it all together with the team name above it all.

    They need to streamline the entire thing and somehow simplify it down to a single thing. Their alternate logo that appears on their court isn't too bad an idea, but the bobcat they have there looks a little less than fierce.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Ever since the '80s it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers have been a little bit slow in terms of catching up with the rest of the league in logo design.

    Their logo for the majority of the '80s looked like a really cool '70s logo, their '90s logo looked like another crummy 80s logo and the logo they have now is a strange bastardization of the cartoonish look of the 90s and the brazen look of the 2000s. At least they had a pretty cool design for the '70s.

    What advice do I have for the Cavs to catch up with the times and even get ahead for the decade to come? It's actually pretty simple. Teams seem to be simplifying their logos as the league transitions into a more complex entity, which is making for some pretty cool and creative designs.

    I'm actually a huge fan of the alternate logo that they have on their court with the team's classic cool colors, the capital "C" and a sword sticking straight up through the center of it all.

    Something like that in place of this big, slightly cheesy-looking logo that they've had in some incarnation for the past nine years would be pretty cool.

Dallas Mavericks

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    Like the logo that the Cavs have boasted for most of the past decade, the Dallas Mavericks' horse that morphs not-so-subtly into a basketball is far too busy and clunky for the new era of simplicity that seems to be taking over.

    This is one of the few logos out there that I think needs a complete overhaul, especially in the coming years if the team is going to be going in a completely different direction.

    What they have was pretty cool in terms of style and color for the majority of the '00s, but there's something about this decade that has been asking for something different in terms of style.

    The horse should probably still be a big part of a new logo, but I've never been a fan of teams thinking they're clever by including a basketball in their logo. Odds are we're all aware that this is a basketball team.

    What really needs to go above everything else is the neat packaging it all comes in. The "Dallas" across the top and "Mavericks" along the bottom is a very '00s look. I would even be for throwing in some more Texas-related style into a new logo.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    The Milwaukee Bucks have been hanging around the NBA for more than four decades and they can at least say that the past two decades have seen a better logo than what the team was putting out there between 1968 and 1993. 

    Rather than a buck spinning a basketball on his hoof that looked very much like Bullwinkle of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame, they've got a muscular-looking buck in a head-on view staring deathly, intently directly back at you. The only change they've made to it since 1993 was a color tweak in 2006, changing purple into the red you see today.

    What is problematic about today's Bucks logo is just how long it's been around. It's not a particularly classic logo that would make it getting rid of an icon should it be changed, and it's not really good enough for people to feel too much connection to.

    Given a makeover, I would suggest continuing to follow the trend of simplification that we've talked about up to this point already. Simply a red "B" with green trim and some antlers growing out of the top of it might make a pretty cool looking logo.

    Heck, they could possibly get away with just the antlers if they wanted to go bare-bones with a new look, which could be pretty cool.

Orlando Magic

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    The Orlando Magic have never had a particularly good-looking logo, they've just had a handful of serviceable, effective logos that got the point across.

    They usually throw a few stars in with the full "Orlando Magic" in some incarnation in order to make everyone realize that there's some magic involved.

    While they have made an improvement with each successive logo, they've never done anything to stick out from the rest of the pack.

    Orlando's original team logo was one of the busiest, worst thought-out plans of the '90s, so anything after that would have worked out well; they just never really put together anything spectacular.

    What makes it all the more difficult is that there aren't really too many things you could do with the nickname "Magic" that would both make a good logo and come out looking both cool and concise. You could toss in a magic wand in some form, but it would probably make it seem too cheesy.

    This is a tough one, but there has to be something better than what they've got now, which comes across as more plain than anything else.

Phoenix Suns

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    It seems like the Phoenix Suns really liked the logo that they had throughout the '90s, but they wanted to upgrade it for the new decade back in 2000. In fact, they might have started the trend of putting everything together in a neat little box.

    What they've got today is the same thing they had back in 2000, which only grew from what they had starting in 1992. The basketball with the sunburst look about it on a field of purple was the basic formation of the '90s logo, only they made it look more like it was made for the new millennium. 

    The way the logo looks now is the way every team logo seemed to look in the 2000s, so it seems like they need to make a change for the decade that we've been a part of for a few years now.

    What they've been using looks to be a few steps up from an 8-bit creation. Actually, 8-bit style art seems to be rather popular these days, so that could make for a pretty cool NBA logo. It would give it a cool future-retro look and appeal to the geeky demographic.

    It's hard to say what they could do differently besides making their logo anything but a sun, but a different looking sun is definitely a must. The alternate logo they use as their center court is very cool, but even an improvement on that could be a good idea.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    For goodness sake, this Thunder logo has to go. It is so maddeningly bland and horrifyingly boring that I can't stand to look at it for another season.

    I've talked a lot about simplicity of logos so far, but this takes it too far. They package it all together in a 2000s style, throwing "OKC" and "Thunder" into the logo in some form, but they complete it all with a strange curvy triangle with a portion of a basketball in the background and a few streaks of color.

    What specifically is bad about their logo? For starters it has nothing to do with Oklahoma besides the name, it has nothing to do with thunder, the "Thunder" type doesn't fit well at all with the shadowed "OKC" type, and possibly worst of all, it looks far too much like the logo for the New York Liberty.

    It's time to put an end to this atrocious logo. Throw a lightning bolt in there, possibly a dark cloud or two. Honestly, just do anything different than what it is right now, because it's easily one of the worst logos in sports, certainly the worst in the NBA.

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